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92" Extra 330SC scale 31% (2 340 mm) 50ccm (zeleno/bílo/černá)


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Pilot RC

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The acrobatic model RC EXTRA 330SC 2340 mm is specially designed for both 3D and precision classical acrobatics, but you can enjoy it even during a completely recreational weekend flight. It features a solid but very lightweight balsa and plywood construction with extensive use of carbon and laminate components and aluminum alloy reinforcements. EXTRA 330SC 2340 mm is designed for propulsion with a 50-60 cc petrol engine.

For the ARF, the Pilot RC is typical of a very high pre-processing - all parts of the dragon are of course assembled and coated with the Oracover iron-on seal - but that does not stop!

  • All rudder hinges are installed, as well as cable rudder and rudder pulls (Note: some versions have new servo rudders at the rear of the tail and do not include rope drives).
  • Laminate motor covers are sprayed and preinstalled - only holes according to your engine and shock absorber remain to be cut.
  • The fuel tank is installed.
  • The engine bulkhead is installed.
  • The cabin cover is pre-assembled and sprayed.

Another thing you'll enjoy is the accessories supplied in the Pilot RC:

  • Pre-drilled laminate levers of rudders
  • Carbon tube connectors of the wing and horizontal tail surfaces
  • Carbon legs fastened with screws for easy removal for transport in a smaller car
  • Carbon spur
  • Carbon propeller cone
  • Undercarriage wheels with duralumin rims

For easy transport, the two-part wing with a carbon tube coupling as well as a horizontal tail surface. You can also easily dismantle a rudder hinged on hinges with a continuous steel pin and a chassis fitted with bolts.

Briefly and briefly - you have something to look forward to!

Span [mm] 2340
Weight [" G] 8800
Wing area [dm 2 ] 102
Controlled functions S, V (2), K (2), M
Building demand S2
Flight challenge P3, P4

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