DINO Bikes - Children's bike 14" Dino T.Rex

Modern children's bike 14" Dino T.Rex from the Italian manufacturer DINO Bikes. With a stylish dinosaur motif. Front and rear powerful jaw brakes, solid Hi-ten steel frame, air tires, auxiliary wheels. Recommended age and height of the child: 3-5 years, 95-127


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Give your children the right wheel that is tailored to their needs and ergonomics. In addition to the incredible stylish T.Rex motif, the childrens bike has front and rear, powerful jaw brakes, a solid Hi-ten steel frame, air tires, auxiliary wheels, mudguards and other amenities that provide an easy and comfortable ride.

Wheel Size 14 "

For children, make sure to choose the correct wheel height. On a bike that is too small or too big, children do not feel comfortable and may affect their relationship with cycling. Children grow fast, so choose a slightly larger bike, but stick to the recommended heights for each bike. For more information, see "How to choose a children's bike".

Adjustable seat

You can simply adjust the height of the seat to the ideal height according to your child's height, and you can raise the seat each year as it grows. The seat is padded and provides a comfortable ride.

Additional wheels

Additional balancing wheels are designed for children learning to keep their balance. The wheels can be easily removed from the child's wheel after the child has improved.


The children's bike is equipped with high-quality freewheel, a device that transmits torque in only one direction.

Powerful brakes

Dino Bikes are available with high-quality brakes. The products also boast German TÜV certificates, so the wheels are considered absolutely safe and comply with the strictest European standards. / p>

Non-slip pedal

High-quality pedals with bearings and reflectors are fitted with anti-slip knobs on both sides, ensuring a certain step in all conditions.

Hi-ten steel frame

The bike frame for kids is made of very strong, lightweight Hi-ten steel. This ensures maximum strength and safety of the wheel and in the event of severe impacts.

Quality Italian manufacturer

The Dino Bikes is made in Italy and has all European Safety Certificates, including the German TÜV. Italian company with tradition since 1920, excels in excellent reporting and quality. It is also popular thanks to licensed prints and stickers that children know from their favorite fairy tales or series.

Mandatory equipment

If you want to use a bicycle or scooter on public roads, it must be equipped in accordance with the law and traffic rules. These are mainly reflectors and lighting. If the cyclist moves on public roads, he must observe the safety and traffic regulations.

Determine in advance whether the product meets the technical requirements according to Decree No. 341/2014 Coll. , or retrofit it by selecting a suitable accessory. Wheels and scooters fitted with propulsion or retrofitted with propulsion shall, when operating on the road, comply with the aforementioned Decree and directly applicable European Union regulations - Regulation No 168/2013. < / a>

Basic equipment of bicycles and scooters for operation on public roads:
  • Rear red reflector, front white reflector, orange reflectors on both sides of the pedal, at least one side orange reflector (on each side). Reflectors can be replaced by reflective materials of similar characteristics, for example on clothing or shoes. Reflectors in the spokes can be replaced by reflective materials on the sides of the tire casings.
  • A headlamp and a rear lamp with a minimum illumination time of at least 1.5 hours, when operating in dim light .
  • Two independent brakes independent of one another, or one anti-pedal brake is sufficient for children's bikes.
  • Handlebar end cap and closed wheel hub nuts.

Last but not least, do not forget the mandatory helmet under 18 years and other rules under the Road Traffic Act . Learn more here .

Key properties
  • Made in EU
  • Idle transmission
  • Weight only 8.9 kg
  • Air tires
  • Front and rear jaw brake
  • Recommended height of the child 95 - 127 cm
  • Additional alignment wheels
  • Chain cover
  • Mudguards

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