Optimix 25% SLV 5l letecké/heli palivo (v ceně SPD 12,84 kč/L)


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More info

Glowing fuel for two-stroke engines for advanced recreational and sports acrobatics and 3D flying suitable for helicopters and planes. It ensures fast response, high performance and reliable operation even in 3D turns.

Suitable for .30-.90 helicopter engines: OS MAX, Thunder Tiger, YS, ROSSI, etc.

Suitable for two-stroke and four stroke aircraft engines requiring high nitrate content: YS, OS MAX etc.

It contains 18% of fully synthetic KLOTZ oil with super low viscosity and 25% nitromethane. It contains the red dye KLOTZ Red for easy visual inspection of fuel tank status and distance - this is especially useful for RC helicopters and cars. The dye does not affect the operation or adjustment of the engine. Pack of 5 liters.

Marking of OptiMix fuel mixtures:

AIR / HELIaviation and helicopter fuel
SCRAPcar-free fuel
5% -30%nitromethane content in fuel
SLVsuper low viscosity
ULVultra low viscosity
MVmedium viscosity
RTRready for ride - contains 15% of fully synthetic KLOTZ oil
RACEracing - contains 10% of fully-lubricated KLOTZ oil with low viscosity

The product contains substances classified as dangerous according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. See the "Download" section for details.