BOLT 600mm EPP - Damaged package

Large, unbreakable, folding polypropylene foam (EPP) flap with a 600 mm wide "T" tail surface. It flies "straight out of the box".


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Stuffed box, model is undamaged

Free flying sail made of virtually indestructible foamed polypropylene (EPP) for everyone. Bolt ready to fly within minutes, no glue needed. Simply slide the wing into the holes in the fuselage, using a double-sided adhesive tape to glue the horizontal tail - the model flies and it's flying. Thanks to the indestructible toughness and the "rubbery" character of EPP foam, you or your body will do a lot of work to destroy it.

If you need less treble fine tuning, you can help by carefully knocking off the tail of the tailgate or relocating the load inside the cabin. The illustrative picture guide on the box will tell you everything in detail.

Nowadays, of course, it is not an insurmountable problem to rebuild Bolto's RC control and electric drive - for example, using the electronics and engine from the Mini Bee, Sky Eagle or other miniature RC System or Nine Eagles models.

The kit includes: fuselage, wing and horizontal tailpieces made of foam EPP.

Span [mm] 600
Length [mm] 490
Weight [g] 62
Controlled functions None
Building demand S0
Flight challenge P0

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