Jetfire 305mm thrower

A 308-inch all-purpose thrower kit.


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More info

Sailplane balsa with a detachable wing and tail surfaces. You can build a model by simply plugging into the milled notches and grooves in the hull; for more durability and stability settings can be parts of the model glue glue acetone (Kanagom, L-510, UHU-Hart et al.) or thin glue.

The kit contains: hull loads, punched and printed wing has been formed into a dihedral, předseknuté tail and cabin.

Tip for construction: The tail and cabin are supplied as předseknuté in balsa wood cutting board - parts NEVYLAMUJTE! Breadboard turn the printed side down and lightly sand the fine sandpaper (no. 180 or finer). The parts can then be easily separated; if they still have some wood fibers "tied" to a cutting board, carefully separate the part with a sharp knife (suitable eg. snap-off knife with freshly chipped edge).

Margin [mm] 305
Length [mm] 215
Weight [g] 7
controlled functions None
Building intensity S0
Difficulty piloting P0

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