214230 Fox Handball Elapor - Orange (12pcs)"

Unbreakable folding handshower made of ELAPOR foam material. Pack of 12 pcs for merchants and rings, 2 colors."


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Free Flight Sailplane made of virtually indestructible foam polypropylene (EPP), pressed into a negative mold. "Baby Easy Glider" preserves the elegance glider Multiplex well as excellent flight qualities that are inherent models of this brand. Fox prepare to fly in half a minute - just plug the wing and horizontal tail to the fuselage cutouts - model and throw it already flies. Thanks to the indomitable tenacity and "rubber" character EPP foam for you or your offspring can be quite a big job to destroy it.

If you will need a smaller tuning point, you can help by gently bending the tail of the fuselage up or down. Load them if necessary, be placed under the molded cockpit - it can be removed by carefully prying it out with a thin flat object (eg. A nail file, wooden spoons of ice lollies) inserted into the gap on the side.

We have no doubt that due to the current miniaturization of RC equipment will certainly find "šťouralové" who can not resist and Fox have to rebuild "rádiáčka" and will shoot it a little bungee. In the world of this size models also likes to roam as a "slope" on coastal sand dunes - the sea we do not have, but be sure to find scoops. And what about motor coach?

Kit includes moldings fuselage, wings and horizontal tail of EPP foam.

Standard color:
A) Orange hull white airfoils
B) White hull, orange supporting surfaces

And business modeling engagements offer a discounted package of 12 pieces (includes after 6 models in color and B) supplied in an openable cardboard box, which can serve as a sales rack.

Margin [mm] 500
Length [mm] 475
Weight [g] 40
controlled functions None
n Building áročnost S0
Difficulty piloting P0