AeroTech epoxy adhesive cartridge 50ml

AeroTech epoxidové 2-složkové lepidlo 50 ml vyplňuje mezery a vytváří nejvyšší možnou pevnost spoje. Ideální pro formy držáky motorů a podvozků, držáky serv a přepážky. Speciálně navrženo pro lepení k


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AeroTech epoxy 2-component adhesive 50ml 24h. It fills gaps and creates the highest possible joint strength. Ideal for molds engine and chassis mounts, servo mounts and bulkheads. Specially designed for gluing composite strips. The syringe dispenses the epoxy resin on the same part. It adheres well to epoxy laminate, carbon fibers, aluminum alloys, soft and hard wood, etc. It is flexible after curing.

AeroTech epoxy adhesive is supplied in 2 x 25 ml syringes for precise dosing. Long workability time, cures in 24 hours. The DM-AC15 pistol is suitable for convenient dosing of adhesive.

AeroTech 24 hours is suitable for:
  • Hardwood timber
  • Carbon composite
  • Epoxy laminate
  • Aluminum alloys

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