LiPo alarm 2-8S - audible voltage signaling

Digital voltage meter for LiPo, LiFe, Li-ion batteries with 2-8 cells with adjustable low voltage sound signaling (2.70-3.80V) for 2-8S sets. Voltage measurement 4-15 V for NiXX battery at input (-) /


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More info

LiPo alarm 2-8S is a miniature digital voltmeter with a three-digit LED seven-segment display capable of:

  • measure and display the total voltage and voltage of individual cells in Li-Po, Li-ion and Li-Fe battery packs with 1-8 cells in series,
  • acoustically and optically signal low voltage lithium battery cells with 2-8 cells in series with an adjustable threshold level for triggering an alarm of 2.70 to 3.80 V in steps of 0.10 V,
  • measure and display the total battery voltage (NiCd, NiMH, Pb, etc.) in the range of 4.0-15.0 V

Voltage measurement of lithium batteries and cells

Just connect the service connector of the set to the LiPo alarm input and it will start working immediately. LiPo alarm can be used for sets with up to 8 cells in series. After connecting to the service connector of the LiPo set, the alarm first displays the detected number of cells of the set (eg reports three cells as "3CS", five cells "5CS" etc.), then displays the measured voltages of individual cells ("No.1"… voltage… "No. 2 "… voltage…) and finally the voltage of the whole set (" ALL "… voltage).

You can connect the LiPo alarm directly to the service connector if it is a system with a contact spacing of 2.54 mm and with terminals in the order of (-) sets, (+) Article 1, (+) Article 2 ... (+) 8 gapless link - ie JST-XH, JST-EH and PolyQuest systems (4S and more). An adapter must be used for PolyQuest (for 2 and 3S kits) and ThunderPower systems. LiPo alarm is compatible with adapters for RC System, Raytronic, Robbe, Graupner balancers.

Low voltage signaling

Connect the service connector of the 2-8 cell set (alarm does not work for single cell sets) in the same way as for voltage measurement. To set the threshold level for triggering an audible (2 really loud piezo sirens) and light (flashing red high-brightness LEDs located between the sirens and the display) alarm, press the SET button repeatedly in the range of 2.70 to 3.80 V in 0.10 V increments. < / p>

Measurement of total battery voltage

To measure the total voltage of NiCd, NiMH, Pb and other batteries with a voltage in the range of 4-15 V, connect the negative pole of the set to the (-) LiPo alarm input and the positive pole of the measured set to the 1S LiPo alarm input. The meter will indicate the total voltage as if it were a single-cell lithium battery.

The LiPo alarm 2-8S package contains: LiPo alarm 2-8S.

Length [mm] 40
Width [mm] 26
Height [mm] 11
Weight [g] 10