HPP-21 Tester and Programmer of Digital Servers with PC Interface (mini-USB)

PC interface for the Hitec digital servo programmer (including the new HS-7xxx series) and servotester for all servos.


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More info

Smaller brother programmer HFP-20 was able to deploy the computer as a user interface, and thanks to design simplicity and takes a very interesting price.
  • The intelligent tester for testing parameters of analog and digital servos all brands of manual and automatic modes.
  • Programmer digital servos Hitec: reset to factory defaults, bandwidth insensitivity, sense of rotation, rotation speed, neutral displacement size, enable or disable fail-safe emergency settings deflection fail-safe.
  • For new digital servos HS-7xxx series, HS-5055, 5056, 5065, 5082, 5085 enables programmable power limitation Overload servo (power limitation 0-50%).
  • For new digital servos HS-7xxx series lets you choose the resolution of the servo. When setting high-resolution servo has a maximum range of 120 degrees deflection at normal resolution setting a maximum range of servo 180 degrees (suitable eg. For extreme 3D acrobats).

To use, you will need:

PC running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and 8 (ATTENTION: to work with 64b systems with Win 7 and 8 should be installed in advance "Visual_BASIC_6_Runtimes_Pack_Release_7", which is available in the "Downloads"). [Software HPP-21 can be downloaded here ] standard 5-pin mini-USB cable (recommended maximum length of one meter, such as a cable to an external memory card reader, some digital cameras or mobile phones) the receiver battery pack 4.8V or 6V (depending on the voltage required servo)