Traxxas Drag Slash 1:10 RTR White

Traxxas Drag Slash RC model with a beautiful Chevy C10 body, designed for maximum performance on the straights. Powerful AC motor and improved Magnum 272R gearbox for demanding drag racing. Quick start function. TSM electronic ride stabilization. N


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The package contains an assembled RC model of the Traxxas Drag Slash car with a finished, painted Chevy C10 body and installed components: Velineon 550 AC motor, VXL-3S regulator, 2075 high-torque servo, 5-channel TQi TSM receiver. TQi 2 channel transmitter. Tool set (Allen key: 2.5, 2.0, 1.5 mm, wrench, cross wrench, antenna wrench), optional pinion, spare clips with washers, spring washers, pistons, battery spacer. Instructions CZ and manual EN, DE, FR, SP.


The RC model of the Traxxas Drag Slash is directly created for a fast ride on straights. The model is a replica of racing dragsters with a beautifully crafted Chevy C10 body in metallic color. All details are preserved, such as the giant rear wheels without a tread (slick), the rear wheelie bar with wheels, or the raised rear body with a pressure wing. The classic aggressive look is underlined with a lowered bow.


You win every Dragster race thanks to the massive power of the AC motor, a special Trans brake (quick start function) and TSM stabilization, which keeps the model in the desired direction even at high speed. The all-new low center of gravity chassis has been designed for maximum acceleration and driving stability. The entire Magnum 272 gearbox was redesigned, which now includes metal gears and aluminum beds. The new differential is designed for easy oil removal and change. By changing the viscosity of the oil, you can fine-tune the power distribution.

The model features state-of-the-art Traxxas electronics: Reliable, powerful AC drive. Receiver with stabilization and the possibility of adding telemetry. Transmitter with precise, sensitive control mechanism and gas dosing. Possibility to equip the transmitter with an optional Bluetooth module for connection to the Traxxas Link graphic application in the phone.

New chassis

The new Drag Slash chassis has a redesigned component mounting to reduce center of gravity and balance evenly. This ensures a stable and controlled ride even during sharp acceleration. The modular design allows easy disassembly of the chassis on individual parts, for easier maintenance of the model.

Magnum 272R gearbox

The 2WD drive is realized through a new gearbox modified for high performance. The transmission contains an aluminum bed with a fixed inter-gear, metal gears and a differential for power distribution to the rear wheels. All transmission shafts are mounted in high-quality encapsulated bearings. The integrated, adjustable friction clutch allows for a slight slip during acceleration, thus absorbing the initial impact of the engine and thus protecting other components.

Dragster wheels and tires

Replicas of classic wheels and tires used for drag racing are used on the car model. Giant rear wheels with Mickey Thompson slick tires have a specially developed mixture of tires for maximum traction and long life.

Traxxas Stability Management

The Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) system not only allows you to experience power, speed, acceleration and cornering at extreme speeds, but also guarantees much easier driving and control on slippery surfaces such as dust, smooth concrete or even ice and snow. / p>

The receiver has a MEMS 3-axis gyro and an accelerometer, which evaluates the movement of the model about 100 times per second and corrects the direction of travel of the model with suitable interventions in the steering of the front wheels. Traxxas TSM does not limit engine power - you have 100% control over engine power. The algorithms are tuned for each model separately. The level of assistance is set using the multifunction knob on the transmitter or in the Traxxas Link application.

Drag Race mode

Press the button on the receiver to activate the exclusive Drag Race mode. In this mode, TSM stabilization is accelerated during acceleration so that you can improve your racing skills. Once you cross the finish line and start braking, stabilization is activated to improve braking efficiency and prevent yaw.

Trans Brake (quick start function)

Trans Brake enables unrivaled start accuracy and lightning acceleration. Press and hold the red rocker switch on the transmitter, add full throttle and release the Trans button to accelerate the car fully.

Wheelie rear rail

The Wheelie bar allows the Rc model to drive at full acceleration on the rear wheels without overturning the car. Experience a wild ride and tune your Wheelie to your liking with five surface height adjustment options.

Oil dampers

Drag-Tuned Ultra Shocks are optimized for this model. They contain stiffer springs, thicker oil and rubber stops. Exclusive X-rings used on the piston rod reduce friction and minimize oil leakage.">
Adjustable body pillars

With the adjustable front pillars, you can lower or raise the front of the body, depending on the surface (smooth / bumpy). to change the height of the body in the rear, adjustable rear pillars are also available, as a tuning part (not included in the package).

Sealed differential with metal gears

The perfect power distribution between the rear wheels is ensured by a closed differential with robust steel gears. To prevent one wheel from slipping, the differential is sealed with x-rings and filled with viscous oil, which determines the tightness. For precise tuning, it is possible to change the oil with a different viscosity.

Servo control

The digital Traxxas servo 2075 high-torque waterproof with DC motor and nylon gears has a torque of 9.0 and a speed of 0.17 s / 60 ° @ 6.0 V. For water resistance *, the servo box and the output square are fitted with a seal. Two ball bearings provide very smooth running.

Powerful AC motor

The Velineon 550 AC motor is precisely tuned for use in 1:10 RC cars. It provides car models with the perfect balance between performance and optimum efficiency. Another advantage is the long service life, which is determined only by ball bearings. The bearings can be purchased as part of the service kit under order number TRA3352R.

The motor is a 550 series, it has a 4-pole construction, which provides up to twice the torque compared to the two-pole version. The rotor is dynamically balanced and braided with Kevlar fabric to increase strength.

Electronic controller VXL-3S

Waterproof * electronic Traxxas AC controller Velineon VXL-3S V2 with three driving modes, support for modern high-capacity LiPo batteries and easy operation with the EZ-Set ™ button. The VXL-3S controller is equipped with a training mode that limits full throttle to 50%. Thanks to this, novice drivers or children can gradually get acquainted with the features of the model and prepare for the full power of the car. Thermal protection, gold-plated connectors, simple operation and intuitive two-color LED signaling.

VXL-3S controller modes
  • Sport : Default mode, forward, braking and reverse are possible.
  • Race : A mode suitable for racing. Forward travel and brake are possible; reverse is not available.
  • Training : A mode suitable for children or novice riders. It is possible to drive forward with a power limitation of 50%, brake and reverse travel again with a power limitation of 50%.
RC set Traxxas TQi Bluetooth ready

Traxxas has prepared a number of two-channel RC kits with Bluetooth connectivity for you. The Bluetooth module (sold separately) allows you to connect the RC model with a clear graphic application Traxxas Link, which you can install into your Smartphone free of charge.

The Traxxas Link app for Apple devices is available for free on the AppStore , the Google Android app is free on GooglePlay .">

Traxxas Link App is a powerful application that gives you complete control over the operation and tuning of the RC model Traxxas with stunning visualization and absolute accuracy of settings. Traxxas Link can display telemetry data that provides the model in real time, such as speed, rpm, temperature, battery voltage and model tilt. You can share the settings of RC models, you can create any number of profiles for a specific track or user, eg children. Everything in an application with brilliant graphics, which is a matter of course from Traxxas.

Telemetry options vary by model. It may be necessary to install telemetry sensors to obtain telemetry data. Compatible telemetry parts with this model can be found in the "Accessories - Telemetry" section. More information about telemetry installation here.

Traxxas TQi receiver

RC receiver Traxxas TQi 5 ch. TSM with telemetry for Traxxas TQi transmitters. Easy operation, pairing with a button. LED status indication. 3-axis MEMS sensors are integrated in the receiver to learn the position of the receiver.

The 5-channel receiver is also equipped with two connectors for connecting RPM (speed) and V / T (voltage / temperature) telemetry sensors.

Furthermore, an expansion telemetry module can be connected to the 4-pin connector, to which you can connect up to 6 other sensors, including a very accurate GPS speed sensor.

Chevy C10 body
Detail of the wheel arches

The fenders of the fenders protrude from the rear body of the body, just like with a real dragster. Functional and authentic detail that allows the use of large tires / p>

Pressure wing

The pressure wing is a functional part of the RC model design. During the ride, the wing creates pressure on the rear wheels, which increases traction.

Detailed front mask

The double front grille closely mimics the shape of the Chevy C10, including detailed headlights and turn signals. There is also a Chevrolet emblem.

Metallic colors

Choose one of the amazing-looking metallic colors that accurately captures your style.

  • Licensed, detailed body Chevrolet C10
  • Metallic colors
  • Powerful Velineon 3500 kv AC motor
  • VXL-3X controller with driving modes
  • Servo control with integrated servo saver
  • TSM stabilization with Drag Race mode
  • Trans Brake function
  • RC set TQi with the possibility of adding a BT module
  • Waterproof * electronics
  • Durable Magnum 272R gearbox
  • Wheelie adjustable bar
  • Drag-Tuned Ultra Shocks oil dampers
  • Replica Weld wheels with Mickey Thompson ET drag slicks

* For information on water resistance specifications, refer to the operating instructions. Tips and tricks for operating in a wet environment can be found in the blog.


We recommend buying

To put the model into operation, 4x AA batteries for the transmitter, a drive battery and a charger for the drive battery are required.

Recommended LiPo batteries:

The model can be operated on a 2 to 3 cell LiPo battery or a 7 cell NiMH battery:

  • For normal driving LiPo battery Traxxas 7.4 V 5000 mAh
  • For higher performance LiPo battery Traxxas 11.1 V 5000 mAh
Recommended NiMH batteries:

NiMH batteries are not demanding on precise handling and are therefore suitable if the RC model of the car is operated by children (NiMH batteries are not destroyed by complete discharge). However, NiMH batteries do not provide such performance.

  • NiMH battery Traxxas 8.4 V 3000 mAh (flat)
  • NiMH battery Traxxas 8.4 V 3300 mAh (high)
  • For longer driving time NiMH battery Traxxas 8.4 V 5000 mAh (flat)
Recommended Traxxas chargers

Traxxas universal chargers can be used to charge Traxxas LiPo and NiMH batteries. Traxxas chargers are a simple and safe way to charge batteries. Traxxas uses the unique iD system , so you can always be sure that you can connect everything easily and safely. There is an integrated chip in the battery connector, which the Traxxas charger automatically recognizes and sets all battery charging parameters for you. More information here.

Universal chargers for batteries up to 3S LiPo

  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 50W charger with one output
  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 2x50W charger with 2 outputs

Universal chargers for batteries up to 4S LiPo

  • Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 100W charger with one output and the possibility of BlueTooth connection to the phone
  • Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 2x100W charger with 2 outputs and the possibility of BlueTooth connection to the phone
Wireless connection to the phone

By adding a Bluetooth module to the transmitter, you get the wireless connection function of the RC model with the Traxxas Link application, which you install on your phone free of charge. We recommend a phone holder to attach the phone to the transmitter / p>

Clear graphic application allows easy setup of the model. You can also view the telemetry provided by the model in the application. Telemetry options for specific models are listed in our Traxxas RC Models Telemetry blog.

Accessories for normal operation

For normal operation of the Traxxas RC car, you need screw glue, high-quality tire glue, silicone shock absorber oil and a set of screwdrivers. From our range we recommend an affordable set of tools for cars.

The screw glue drips the thread or the head of the screw, which fixes it and the vibrations caused by driving do not allow the screw connection to loosen. The screw adhesive has a special composition that allows the screw connection to be easily loosened with a reasonable torque without damaging the screw head. Never use ordinary instant glue, it could be impossible to loosen a screw glued in this way at all!

The tire glue adheres the tires to the rim of the disc. It is always necessary for the tire to be firmly glued to the wheel rim around the entire circumference! If the tire is not stuck around the entire circumference, it may rupture. The tire adhesive has a special composition that is able to bond materials such as rubber or nylon, and at the same time, after hardening, the adhesive is flexible. Never use ordinary instant glue - it is not flexible after hardening and cracks in the tire would gradually form around the rims!

Occasionally it is necessary to add silicone oil to the model's shock absorbers. During normal operation, there is only a slight leakage of silicone oil along the shock absorber piston rods. If the surface of the shock absorber piston rods or the condition of the seals is in poor condition, the oil leakage can be large. For these cases, so-called repair kits are supplied. In the range of tuning parts, piston rods with an extremely hard TiN (titanium nitride) coating are supplied with all shock absorbers. You can easily recognize the piston rods with a TiN surface by the gold-green color / p>

Recommended accessories

Tuning parts

Spare parts