Axial SCX24 Ford Bronco 2021 1:24 4WD RTR gray

RC model car with remote control in 1:24 Axial SCX24 scale with incredibly detailed Ford Bronco 2021 body and LED lighting. Everything you need is in the package. 2.4GHz RC kit, Dynamite® 88T motor, L


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Package contents

In the package you will find a ready-made RC model car Axial SCX24 Ford Bronco 2021 in scale 1:24 with installed components: DC motor Tazer 180 88T, receiver with integrated Horizon controller, servo AS-1 micro: SCX24, also includes: Horizon 2.4GHz transmitter , LiPol battery Dynamite® 350mAh 2S 7.4V, USB charger LiPol, 4x AA batteries, user manual CZ, manual EN, DE, FR, IT.


RC model car with remote control in 1:24 Axial SCX24 scale with licensed Ford Bronco 2021 body and licensed Nitto Trail Grappler tires with Factory Ford Wildtrak discs . The 4x4 model is assembled and ready to ride, everything you need is in the package. 2.4GHz RC kit, Dynamite® 88T motor, Dynamite 350mAh 7.4V LiPol battery with USB charger. Thanks to the use of a modern LiPo battery, the driving time is over 40 minutes !

The model comes with an incredibly detailed licensed Ford Bronco body from the 2021 model line. In addition to LED front lighting, the body features a mock-up front radiator grille, rear-view mirrors, door handles, rear spare wheel and roof rack with accessories. For a perfect look, the windows are clear so that you can see the interior with the driver's figure. The body is made of durable ABS material.


With the RC model car Axial SCX24 Ford Bronco 2021 you can drive at home, in the garden and create your own track from smaller stones or branches. Simply charge the battery with a USB charger, insert it into the car and you're ready to go. The realistic body and large off-road wheels with above-standard ground clearance evoke the look of the world-famous car. The basis is a powerful drive, which consists of a 180 engine with a multi-row gearbox, which supplies the necessary power to the axles. Torque is transmitted from the gearbox to the splined shafts and to the rigid axles by a worm gearbox. Therefore, there is no need for a brake and the torque knows no bounds.

SCX24 version 2

This improved chassis includes several new features:

  • New 4 channel transmitter
    • Possibility of complete adjustment (trim, reverse, double steering deflection)
    • LED indication of transmitter switching on, pairing and battery charge level in the model
  • New control unit
    • 4 channels
    • Remote control of lights via 3 channels
    • Possibility of user addition of turn signals / warning lights, controlled via 4 channels
  • New USB charger
Rigid metal side panels

Like the Axial SCX10 platform in 1:10 scale, the Axial SCX24 chassis has robust steel rails on the chassis frame and reinforcements that keep the chassis stiff enough even with a large axle twist.

Powerful engine with multi-speed transmission

The RC model of the Axial SCX24 car is powered by a Tazer 180 series DC motor with 88 threads on the armature. The engine has the optimum torque needed to drive up steep inclines. It is mounted on a metal engine bed, which helps the engine cool down and keep the temperature at an optimal level

Worm gears

The front and rear differentials are equipped with worm gears that deliver very high torque to the axles, also ensure brake function and, thanks to their small dimensions, create the greater ground clearance needed to overcome obstacles.

Straight axles

The front and rear axles consist of a two-piece molded composite fixed axle. For optimal handling, the SCX24 ™ suspension is equipped with a three-element front suspension and a four-element rear suspension.

Steel axle shafts

When using worm differential gears, the transmission of torque to the wheels is ensured by steel shafts, which have high resistance and rigidity when engaging the wheels. The torque is transmitted by a pin on the hexagonal hubs.

Grooved drive shafts

The front and rear drive shafts between the transmission and the front and rear axles are splined shafts that allow large axial displacement and maximum torque transmission.

Functional shock absorbers

Even a small RC car can have mock-up shock absorbers with imitation auxiliary tanks. Despite the simple construction with a coil spring and a plastic body, the shock absorbers are perfectly functional.

4-element rear suspension

The rear suspension geometry uses a 4-element design that is optimized to reduce axle steering and torque.

Powerful Axial AS-1 power steering

A key component in expedition RC car models is a sufficiently strong servo steering with a robust mechanism. Directly above the front axle is the Axial AS-1 power steering with servosaver, which allows precise steering while providing protection for the servo gears and electronics in the event of a steering obstacle or a collision with the front wheel.

Equipped with ball bearings

The model is fully equipped with ball bearings, both in the gearbox and in the axles and drives. You can drive without worrying about the wear of the plain bearing.

Ford Wildtrak wheels with Nitto Trail Grappler M / T tires

The officially licensed Wildtrak wheel discs are stamped in black and have stunning model details. Nitto Trail Grappler tires offer a fantastic combination of off-road performance while maintaining excellent road performance.

Folding body

The folding body system offers easy access to the components on the chassis. You can quickly have the battery and chassis available by removing only one body clip and tilting the body up.

Installed LED front lighting

Two bright white LED lights are factory-installed in the front bumper to illuminate the area in front of the vehicle. The headlights on the model can be controlled remotely via a transmitter (3 channels) and have the following functions:

  • The lights are on continuously
  • The lights are flashing
  • The lights are off
New transmitter

The 4-channel Horizon 2.4 GHz transmitter has everything you need for operation. On the transmitter you will find switches for the functions: steering and throttle trim, double steering deflection, pairing, throttle and steering reversal. The 3-channel controller is three-position. The transmitter also includes a mechanical power switch.

There are also three LEDs on the front panel that indicate: transmitter power on, pairing, and battery charge status in the model.

Battery charge signal in the model:

  • Green - fully charged
  • Yellow - semi-charged battery
  • Red - low battery
  • Flashing red - low battery
Control unit

The Horizon control unit integrates the controller and the receiver in one. It contains 4-channels and connectors for headlights and turn signals (the function of lights and turn signals is factory-mixed to the third and fourth channels, respectively . remotely via the 4 channel transmitters and should have the following functions: off, flashing of the relevant turn signals when turning in a specific direction, warning lights, fast flashing warning lights.

When finishing the turn signals, it is necessary to choose a suitable resistor, according to the color and type of LED. You can use our online calculator for easy calculation.

  • The RC car Axial SCX24 is completely assembled and ready for use, everything you need is included in the package
  • Realistic Ford Bronco 2021 body design with detailed elements and LED lighting
  • Licensed Nitto Trail Grappler M / T tires with Wildtrak discs
  • Horizon control unit, motor and servo AS-1 installed
  • 3-point front and 4-point rear suspension
  • Metal chassis side frames
  • Worm axle transmission
  • The folding body is secured with only one clip
  • The set is equipped with ball bearings
  • 4 channel transmitter 2.4 Ghz
  • Remote controlled LED front lights
  • New USB charger DYNC1063

* For information on water resistance specifications, refer to the operating instructions. Tips and tricks for operating in a wet environment can be found in the blog.

We recommend buying

Everything you need for operation can be found in the package.

Recommended batteries

For more fun and longer operation, we recommend purchasing another battery:

  • Replacement LiPo battery 7.4 V 350 mAh

We recommend using the powerful Mains Universal USB Adapter (Power Supply) QC3.0 19W to power the USB charger.

Recommended universal chargers for faster charging
  • Charger with mains power supply Spektrum S150 with one 50W output.
  • Mains charger Spektrum S1100AC with one 1x100W output.

A charging cable with IC3 battery reduction - JST-PH is required to connect the battery to the charger.

Car socket charger

The Hobbyzone charger 12VDC 2xLiPol 300mA can be used to charge the battery. The charger is designed for connection and power supply from a 12V DC car plug. For power supply from the 230V mains, we recommend the Traxxas 13.8V 3.5A mains supply with car socket.

Accessories for normal operation

For normal operation of the Axial RC car, you need tire glue, bolt glue and a tool kit. From our range we recommend an affordable set of tools for RC cars. Screws in inch units are also used on the model, so we recommend the Medial Pro 1/20 "Allen screwdriver.

The tire glue adheres the tires to the rim of the disc. It is always necessary that the tire is firmly glued to the wheel rim around the entire circumference! If the tire is not stuck around the entire circumference, it may rupture. The tire adhesive has a special composition that is able to bond materials such as rubber or nylon, and at the same time the adhesive is flexible after hardening. We recommend Robitronic Tire Glue from our offer.

Screw glue is required for routine maintenance. Screws screwed into the metal material (eg screws in the motor, pin in the pinion) must be secured against loosening with this adhesive.

Protective covers for batteries

Protective covers are designed to reduce the risk associated with transporting and charging batteries. LiPo batteries can, while maintaining small dimensions and low weight, provide high discharge currents and have a large capacity for long travel times. On the contrary, the LiPo battery is particularly susceptible to mechanical damage.

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