DB961WP Ultra Strong Waterproof Servo (55kg)

Ultra powerful BRUSHLESS waterproof new generation digi servo with lightning fast response for large helicopters, giant planes, cars and ships. Programmable, thrust 55kg.cm, speed 0.18s/60° at 6.0V, 55kg.cm, speed 0.15s/60° at 7.4V. Metal box, steel gears.


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More info

The new digital servos of the DB series with AC motors combine the advantages of the existing "AC" series HSB with the control algorithms of the "DC" series D. The use of a high-end AC motor with high efficiency not only guarantees a noticeably lower current consumption compared to digital servos with DC motors. The novelty is the use of electronics with a 16-bit control processor, which enables extremely accurate and fast control of the servo movement with extremely high resolution - so you can make full use of the resolution offered by modern RC sets! Another nice feature is that the thrust of the servo does not depend (within the operating voltage range) on the servo supply voltage - whether you power the servo from a NiMH five-cell or from a LiPo two-cell, the servo will have the same thrust (the speed will be higher at a higher voltage - just like "DC" servos).

The servo electronics are programmable, the DPC-11 PC interface is used for programming together with a comfortable operating program for a PC, or HFP-30 self-contained programmer ideal for setting in field conditions. Programmable functions:

  • reset to factory defaults
  • deadband width (adjustable in 10 steps)
  • sense of rotation
  • rotation speed
  • neutral
  • soft start
  • deviation size (up to 180° with a control signal with pulses of 0.9-2.1 ms width)
  • enable or disable fail-safe
  • fail-safe emergency deflection setting
  • overload protection (power limitation 0-50% in case of overload)


Ultra powerful digital programmable servo in an all metal case with standard size AC motor with steel gears and output shaft mounted in 2 ball bearings with increased supply voltage.

The servo is particularly suitable for large helicopters and giant aircraft and other demanding applications with an emphasis on high thrust, high resolution, running accuracy, super fast response of the control electronics and high long-term durability. A powerful AC motor with low current consumption guarantees optimal operating conditions even under heavy loads.

Thanks to the dustproof and waterproof housing (resistance according to the International Protection Code IP-67 - completely prevents contact with dust, withstands immersion in water to a depth of 1 m for a 30-minute test run), it is suitable for off-road models of cars, ships and submarines - simply for places exposed to the effects of dust and moisture, with high demands on the tensile strength and overall mechanical resistance of the servo.

Thanks to the increased supply voltage (up to 7.4 V, 2s Li-poly/Li-Fe), it enables a very simple implementation of on-board electronics with 2.4 GHz receivers of the Maxima or Optima series when powered from a Li-poly or Li-Fe double cell without the need for additional stabilizers or regulators.

Servo size Standard
Servo type Digital
Thrust at 6.0 V [kg/cm] 55
Thrust at 7.4 V [kg/cm] 55
Speed at 6.0 V [s/60°] 0.18
Speed at 7.4 V [s/60°] 0.15
Ball bearings
High voltage Yes
Power supply [V] 6 - 7.4
Length [mm] 40
Width [mm] 20
Height [mm] 39
Weight [g] 90
Intended for Airplanes, Helicopters, Road cars, SUVs, Boats
The number of teeth of the milled shaft 25