HS-M7990TH HiVolt DIGITAL super strong, magnetic encoder

Extremely powerful digital servo with increased power supply up to 7.4V (2xLiXX), magnetic encoder instead of potentiometer, titanium gears, coreless motor. For giant models and challenging projects.


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Extremely powerful standard digital servo for demanding use with titanium gears to the output shaft is mounted in two ball bearings, axles and gears mounted on metal slide bushings. "Achilles heel" of modeling serv - classical mechanical potentiometer sensing the position of the output shaft, which eventually wear out and suffering from shock and vibration transmitted to the servo replaces contactless magnetic encoder. In addition, it eliminates the risk of damage to the potentiometer during continuous operation under high loads, a magnetic encoder also provides excellent accuracy of position sensing, and increases the running accuracy servo to the level usual in industrial plants.

Thanks to the increased supply voltage (up to 7.4 V, 2s Li-poly / Li-Fe) enables very simple implementation of the on-board electronics with 2.4GHz Optima series receivers when power dvoučlánku Li-poly or Li-Fe without the need of additional stabilizers or regulators .

12-bit electronics G2,5 new generation offers advanced programming options including adjustable overload protection. Guarantee high parameters is also a powerful coreless motor with aluminum heatsink. Servo is particularly suitable for the giant model airplanes, helicopters (electro 600-700 / 50-90 asleep.) And RC Cars 1: 8 and 1: 5. They are available with chunky levers made of plastic filled with carbon fibers.

Programmer digital servos Hitec HFP-10 *, HFP-20 HFP-25, HPP-21 or HPP-21 Plus can be programmed:

  • reset to factory defaults
  • the width of the deadband
  • sense of rotation
  • rotational speed
  • neutral
  • the deflection
  • enable or disable fail-safe
  • Setting emergency deflection fail-safe
  • Servo protection against overload (power limit 0-50% Overload)

Note .: servo has switchable resolution as another "7xxx" servos (a permanently high resolution), but max.

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