FALK - Kubota pedal tractor with loader, excavator and Maxi siding

Pedal tractor for children, brand FALK. A replica of a real Kubota tractor. The children's tractor is equipped with a front loader, excavator, Maxi siding and a horn for endless children's games. Desi


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The best fun for children in the fresh air. A children's pedal tractor that children will fall in love with thanks to its functions and versatility. The tractor is made of quality plastic. The construction is modified to suit children's ergonomics and everything was easy and simple to operate. At the same time, the children's tractor is stable and gives a robust impression.

FALK - The Kubota pedal tractor with loader, excavator and tipping siding is a replica of a real tractor.

Front loader

Children's pedal tractor with a mechanical front loader with functions like a real excavator. Easy operation and strength of the loader ensure that the full blade is lifted without much effort.

Mechanical excavator

Thanks to the mechanical excavator, you will pick up everything you need and dig any hole. The excavator has an ingenious control system with which you can control it from one place. The well-thought-out design of the children's tractor ensures easy handling of even heavier loads.

Tilting siding

Children's tractor with a folding siding for easy unloading. The body is equipped with a handle for trouble-free tipping.

Functional horn

The steering wheel is equipped with a functional horn, which always lets you know that a pedal tractor with a small tractor driver is approaching.

Load capacity

All Falk children's tractors are tested to 50 kg - according to the requirements of EU standards.

Suitable for children from 3-7 years

The French company FALK focuses primarily on the quality and safety of its products, so all its products are thoroughly tested to be suitable for small children.

The company FALK

Falk (FALQUET) specializes in the production of outdoor toys. The brand's portfolio includes imitations of tractors, ATVs, motorcycles, tricycles and other vehicles. Here you will find toys for children from 1 to 7 years. The company is characterized by high quality and detailed processing of products.

The French company FALK was founded in 1947. The company is headquartered in Oyonnax (France). Since the early 1970s, the range has focused on the production of plastic toys. Currently, the company is a leading European manufacturer of outdoor toys.

Made in France

All brand products are made in France and have all safety certificates. Polyethylene and polypropylene with high strength and durability are mainly used for production.

  • Made of quality plastic
  • Easy to use and stable
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Horn on the steering wheel
  • Detachable, tilting siding
  • Loader and excavator
  • For children from 3 to 7 years.

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