OS MAX FS 120 SURPASS III including shock absorber

Four-stroke 19.96ccm glow plug with two-needle RC carburetor. Output 1,539 kW at 12000 rpm. Weight with shock absorber 920g.


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Classic four-stroke engines OS MAX FS-series Surpass are time-tested and reliable high-performance powerplant represents the first choice for modelers Nele world for RC models and aerobatic models. This allows you to benefit from a variety of kits and building plans and models of aircraft designed for OS engines in recent decades.

  • Two needle carburetor type 70N with a pressure regulator and fuel pump PD-07 provides a highly reliable, stable and regular operation throughout the rev range and in aerobatic maneuvers; as well as easy adjustment.
  • The carburetor can be rotated 180 ° for aligning the main lever and carburetor needle to the other side to facilitate development in maketových Cowl.
  • Crankshaft, camshaft and the piston ring are provided with a special corrosion resistant coating.
  • Special bearings lubricated and double seal.
  • Expansion silencer with bigger volume ensures effective damping of the engine and gives a deep mellow sound.

FS 120 SIII is a four-stroke engine with a valve gear designed for model aircraft of all kinds; It is particularly suitable for RC models and aerobatic models. It is equipped with a carburetor type dvoujehlovým 70N with a pressure regulator and a fuel pump PD-07th In the basic configuration also comes an expansion muffler types of F-5020th It is also possible to use flexible reducers ( "goose neck") with a length of 120 to 240 mm, which are particularly suitable for hidden installation in the engine compartment at the mockups.

  • The crankshaft has a thread for propeller nut UNF 5 / 16-24, in the motor assembly is supplied with a set of lock nuts OS for reliable fastening of the propeller.
  • Suggested propeller dimensions: Sport and Acrobat: 13x11-13 "14x10-11" / Dummy: 15x8 "16x6-8" 18x5-6 "or three-blade 14x7" 15x8 "
  • Recommended fuel tank: 450-500 ml; 450 ml tank lasts for about 14 to 15 minutes of flight, provided that still do not fly at full throttle. < / Li>
  • Recommended fuel: at least 18% castor or synthetic oil, 5-15% nitromethane.
  • Recommended Plug: OS MAX type F.

Set engine includes: motor FS 120 SIII with RC carburetor 70N with a pressure regulator and fuel pump PD-07, muffler F-5020 manual.

Displacement [cc] 19.96
Number of cylinders 1
Bore [mm] 30.4
Stroke [mm] 27.5
Operating speed [rpm] 2000-12000
Engine power (at 12000 rpm) [kW] 1.54
Power (at 12,000 rpm) [HP] 2.1
Weight (motor) [g] 920
Weight (silencer) [g] 80
Recommended tank volume [ml] 450-500
Recommended candle MAX OS Type F
Propeller nut thread UNF 5 / 16-24

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