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Thunder Tiger - F-91S 15.2ccm RC with silencer"

Four-stroke 14.97ccm glow plug with dual-needle RC carburetor. Power at 1.6 HP at 11000 rpm, speed range: 2.500 - 12.000 rpm, Weight with shock absorber 743g."


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Thunder Tiger

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Thunder Tiger Four-stroke engines are an excellent choice for recreational sports, aerobatic model planes. They have a very reliable operation and easy adjustment; use of quality materials for long-term durability built above the level of ordinary "consumer" engines.

F91-S is a four-stroke engine with a valve gear designed for model aircraft of all kinds, especially suitable for RC mock. It is equipped with a carburetor dvoujehlovým; Basic package also comes an expansion muffler.

  • The crankshaft has a thread for propeller nut UNF 5 / 16-24, in the motor assembly is supplied with a set of lock nuts for reliable fastening of the propeller.
  • Suggested propeller dimensions: Running: 11x10 "/ Sport and Aerobatic: 11x10", 11x11 ", 12x10", 12x11 ", 13x9" / Dummy: 14x7 "15x6" 16x6 "12x8" (3-blade)
  • Recommended fuel tank: 350-400 ml.
  • Recommended fuel: at least 18% synthetic oil or a mixture of synthetic and castor oil, 5-15% nitromethane.
  • Recommended plug: Thunder Tiger RF, OS MAX type F.

Set engine includes: RC engine with a carburetor, an expansion muffler with an adapter, RF candle, set of Allen loops, flat spanner 12/14 mm and 5 / 5.5 mm, gauge and adjusting valve clearances, sheet labels, instructions.

Displacement [cc] 14.97
Number of cylinders 1
Bore [mm] 28.3
Stroke [mm] 23.8
Operating speed [rpm] 2000-12000
Engine power (at 11000 rpm) [kW] 1.2
Power (at 11000 rpm) [HP] 1.6
Weight (motor) [g] 660
Weight (silencer) [g] 45
Recommended tank volume [ml] 350-400
Recommended candle Thunder Tiger RF, OS MAX Type F
m thread attic propeller UNF 5 / 16-24

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