Traxxas TRX-4 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT 1:10 RTR Blue Metallic

1979 TRX-4 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT expedition RC model car with higher ground clearance, larger 2.2" wheels, longer wheelbase and detailed clipless body. Chrome features, body frame, portal axles, remote transmission and differential locks.


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Package contents

The package contains a fully assembled 1979 TRX-4 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT RC car model with installed components: XL5 HV DC controller, Titan 550 21T 14V DC motor, 2075X high-torque MG servo, 3x 2065A servo, TQi 5-channel receiver. TSM, telemetry. TQi transmitter 4 channels Bluetooth Ready. Tool set (Allen key 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mm, cross key for wheels), detailed instructions for use CZ, manual EN, DE, FR, SP.


Start of sales in brick-and-mortar stores from March 17, 2023.

The Traxxas TRX-4 range of top-of-the-line 1:10 scale expedition RC models is expanding with the addition of a new 1979 Ford F-150 model in Ranger XLT top-of-the-line sport trim. The proven TRX-4 chassis is newly factory equipped with a higher lift kit that adds an extra 2.5 cm of ground clearance. Thanks to this, larger 2.2" dummy wheels could be fitted to the model. Combined with the new longer wheelbase of 336 mm , the Chevrolet K10 1979 is much more stable and will overcome more difficult off-road obstacles.


The currency of the model is a beautifully processed licensed body in the design of a pick-up with an installed protective frame and mock-up lights. A clipless body system is used for quick and easy battery replacement. The body simply snaps its beaks into the wheel arches. The aggressive off-road appearance is supported by a number of chrome elements on the body such as side rails, front radiator grill, bumpers, wipers and door handles. Everything is complemented by retro chrome wheels with a center hub cap.

The TRX-4 chassis model is equipped with top technology with gantry axles, remote-controlled differential locks and a remote-controlled two-speed transmission. You can switch between individual driving modes and the cruise control function is also available. For example, the model can be further equipped with a functional winch, multifunctional lighting and a wide range of other accessories (sold separately) . It is the top quality, the wide variety of tuning parts and the possibility of gradual improvement that make the TRX-4 model the best expedition model in the world.


News overview

Higher ground clearance

The factory-installed Long Arm Lift kit increases the ground clearance by 2.5 cm. This allowed the use of larger 2.2” wheels with Canyon Trail tires. With this equipment, the RC model will be unbeatable in the field.

Extended wheelbase

The chassis of the model has been extended to a wheelbase of 336mm to capture true scale proportions. A longer wheelbase will also provide more stability when driving.

Clipless bodywork

The new system of fixing the body with beaks in the wheel arches ensures quick and easy battery replacement, and the appearance of the body is not disturbed by the clips. Dismantling the body can only be done by pressing the beak and pulling the body upwards. Fitting the body is even easier, just put it on the chassis.

TRX-4 chassis

The TRX-4 chassis is built from two steel profiles that ensure sufficient rigidity of the chassis. Thanks to the proven location of the engine in the front part, sufficient load on the front wheels is ensured. The battery is located in the axis of the chassis, so the model is precisely balanced and does not tilt while driving. The chassis is thought through to the smallest detail, including cable routing and mounting holes for optional accessories.

Axles with axle transmission

The TRX-4 chassis uses gantry axles with an axle gearbox. The axle gearbox increases the ground clearance, reduces the stress on the differentials, transmission, cardan shafts and further reduces the torsional force - the model tilts less.

The front wheels can be turned by an angle of 45°, the steering is provided by a Traxxas 2075X servo with metal gears. Thanks to the new chassis, the model achieved a great approach angle.

Two-speed gearbox

The model is equipped with a two-speed gearbox. Gear change is controlled by the red rocker switch on the transmitter. This solution makes the TRX-4 chassis a very versatile model that can drive slowly and quickly - as you need.

Lockable differentials

The differential locks are independently controlled by 2 servos. The power from the servos is transmitted via bowdens to the differentials. The shutters are controlled by a three-position switch on the transmitter and provide the following combinations:

  • Both differentials are open
  • Only the front differential is locked
  • Both differentials are closed

GTS oil dampers

The four oil-filled GTS dampers are longer thanks to the higher ground clearance and provide even smoother damping and perfect handling. The aluminum bodies of the shock absorbers are equipped with a nut to adjust the preload of the springs. Maximum tightness of the shock absorber around the piston rod is ensured by special sealing X-rings.

Authentic wheels

Large Canyon Trail tires in extra soft S1 compound are glued to replica original chrome 2.2" wheels with five holes and center hub cap. Wheel carrier is 12mm hex.


Servo steering

The control of the model is ensured by the digital servo Traxxas 2075X high-torque, with a moment of 9 The servo is equipped with two ball bearings on the milled shaft and metal gears for maximum durability. Waterproof* construction.

Gearbox and differential servos

The model is equipped with a total of three waterproof* micro servos 2065 with a torque of 2.5 Two servos independently control the front and rear differential locks. The third servo then ensures the shifting of the two-speed gearbox.

Titan 21T engine

The model is powered by a Titan 21T 550 DC motor. The motor provides smooth operation from low revs. For better cooling, a propeller is integrated in the motor, blowing air to the rotor.

DC regulator

The heart of the Traxxas model is the XL-5 HV DC electronic controller. The regulator is designed for powering a 2-cell or 3-cell LiPo battery. The model can also be powered by 6-7 cell NiMH batteries. Simple choice of driving modes and other settings, using the EZ-SET button. Indication of the status of the controller by an LED diode. LVD protection against undercharging of the LiPo battery. Thermal protection. Water-resistant* construction.

The Traxxas XL-5 HV controller supports 5 driving modes:

  1. Sport : Drive forward, brake and reverse
  2. Race : Drive forward and brake. Reverse is not available
  3. Training : Forward driving limited to 50% power, braking 100% and reverse limited to 50%. this mode is suitable for children
  4. Trail : Drive forward, brake, reverse. Handling near neutral is very subtle
  5. Crawl : Driving forward, brake in neutral and straight back.

Traxxas TQi Four-Channel RC Kit with Bluetooth

In addition to precise and reliable control, the four-channel transmitter is also equipped with a slot for placing a Bluetooth module (sold separately). The Bluetooth module allows you to connect the RC model with the clear graphic application Traxxas Link, which you install for free on your smartphone.

The Traxxas Link app for Apple devices is available for free on the AppStore , the app for Google Android devices is free on GooglePlay .


The Traxxas Link App is a powerful application that gives you complete control over the operation and tuning of your Traxxas RC model with stunning visualization and absolute accuracy of settings. Traxxas Link can display telemetry data that the model provides in real time, such as speed, RPM, temperature, battery voltage and model roll. You can share settings of RC models, you can create any number of profiles for a specific track or users, e.g. children. All in the app with the brilliant graphics that come naturally from Traxxas.

Telemetry options vary by model. It may be necessary to install telemetry sensors to obtain telemetry data. Compatible telemetry parts with this model can be found in the "Accessories - Telemetry" section. More information on telemetry installation here.

Telemetry - model tilt

Using a wireless Bluetooth module (sold separately) and the Traxxas link app, it is possible to track the model's pitch on your phone. To display additional telemetry (battery voltage, revolutions, temperature) installation of telemetry sensors is required.

Traxxas TQi receiver

RC receiver Traxxas TQi 5 channel. TSM with telemetry for Traxxas TQi transmitters. Simple operation, pairing with a button. LED status indication. 3-axis MEMS sensors are integrated in the receiver for learning the position of the receiver.

The 5-channel receiver is also equipped with two connectors for connecting telemetry sensors RPM (revolutions) and V/T (voltage / temperature).

Furthermore, a telemetry expansion module can be connected to the 4-pin connector, into which you can connect up to 6 more sensors, including a very accurate GPS speed sensor.

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT RC Model Car Features

  • The model is completely assembled and ready to drive
  • Licensed detailed clipless bodywork
  • Higher ground clearance, thanks to the factory installed Long Arm Lift kit
  • Larger authentic wheels 2.2"
  • Protective cage above the body with mock-up lights
  • Longer wheelbase - 336 mm
  • Remotely controlled differential locks
  • Remote controlled two-speed gearbox
  • Portal axles with gearbox
  • Powerful Traxxas Titan 21T DC motor
  • Traxxas XL-5 HV DC electronic controller with special modes
  • Turning the front wheels by 45° to both sides
  • Optimized geometry limiting the bump-steer effect (change in wheel toe-in depending on ground clearance)
  • Tires for excellent grip on the surface
  • Long driving time - with LiPo battery 11.1 V 5000 mA up to 2 hours

* Refer to the user manual for information on the water resistance specification. You can find tips and tricks for wet driving in the blog.


We recommend to buy

To operate the model, you need 4x AA batteries for the transmitter, a drive battery and a charger for the drive battery.


Recommended LiPo batteries

The model can be operated on a 2 or 3 cell LiPo battery. A 2-cell LiPo battery (7.4 V) is fully sufficient for normal riding. A 3-cell LiPo battery can be used for operation with a higher speed range.

  • For normal riding, 2S LiPo battery Traxxas 7.4 V 5000 mAh
  • For normal riding and maximum driving time 2S LiPo battery Traxxas 7.4 V 7600 mAh
  • For demanding users and a high speed range 3S LiPo battery Traxxas 11.1 V 4000 mAh

Recommended NiMH batteries

NiMH batteries do not require precise handling and are therefore suitable if the RC model car is operated by children (NiMH batteries are not destroyed by complete discharge). However, NiMH batteries have a lower capacity and a higher weight, so the driving time will be slightly shorter.

  • NiMH 8.4 V 3000 mAh battery for normal riding

  • NiMH 8.4 V 5000 mAh battery for maximum driving time

Recommended Traxxas Chargers

Traxxas universal chargers can charge Traxxas LiPo and NiMH batteries. Traxxas chargers are a simple and safe way to charge batteries. Traxxas uses the unique iD system , so you're always sure to connect everything easily and safely. There is an integrated chip in the battery connector, which the Traxxas charger automatically recognizes and sets all battery charging parameters for you. More information here.

Universal chargers for batteries up to 3S LiPo

  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 50W Single Output Charger
  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 2x50W charger with 2 outputs

Universal chargers for batteries up to 4S LiPo

  • Traxxas EZ-Peak 75W Single Output Charger
  • Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 100W Single Output Charger with BlueTooth Phone Connection
  • Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 2x100W charger with 2 outputs and the option of BlueTooth connection to the phone

Wireless connection with the phone

By adding a Bluetooth module to the transmitter, you get the function of wireless connection of the RC model with the Traxxas Link application, which you can install on your phone for free. We recommend a phone holder for attaching the phone to the transmitter.

A clear graphic application enables simple model settings. The telemetry provided by the model can also be viewed in the application. Telemetry options for specific models are listed in our Traxxas RC Models Telemetry blog.

LED lighting

For a breathtaking appearance during evening adventure trips, we recommend fitting the model with original LED lighting. The lighting not only looks great, but also illuminates the road perfectly.

  • Constant lighting - All LED lights of this lighting are constantly on. The kit can later be upgraded to Pro Scale.
  • Pro Scale multifunctional lighting - realistic functions like on a real car (functional brake and reversing lights, functional turn signals and warning lights, adjustable headlight intensity). The possibility of remote lighting control using a phone via a Bluetooth module.

Both types of lighting can be further supplemented with upper headlights of the protective frame and fender lighting.


The winch is an integral part of every expedition model that will pull you out of any terrain. The original Traxxas winch is accurately, to scale, designed for TRX models. The winch is controlled by a remote control and develops a pulling force of up to 4.5 kg. To install the winch, it is necessary to add a tuning bumper - (more in the description of the item).

Tuning accessories

The model can be improved using countless tuning parts , which will change the appearance, driving characteristics and durability, exactly according to your wishes.

Transport bag

Transport the RC model comfortably and safely in the Robitronic transport bag. The bag is waterproof and has an elasticated edge that can be adjusted to the model. Thanks to the Velcro strap, the model is easy to carry. The synthetic material can be easily cleaned with water or soap suds if necessary.

Traxx tracks for every terrain

The new Traxxas crawler chassis Traxx will give your TRX-4 an extraordinary, dramatic look and you can drive it through any terrain. The easy installation of this belt tuning kit delivers a virtually unstoppable power and traction upgrade.

Recommended tuning servos, required when using optional accessories (increase in model weight)

The TRX-4 model, as one of the most user-modified models, often gains 1-2 kg in weight due to accessories. When increasing the weight of the model, it is necessary to modify the components and use a stronger servo. When using a stronger servo, it is necessary to take into account its current consumption due to the load capacity of the BEC on the regulator. For powerful servos with high current consumption, it is necessary to install an external BEC source, otherwise the controller will be damaged.

Recommended tuning servos:

  • Traxxas servo 2270 16.9 MG waterproof (no need to install external BEC)
  • Traxxas servo 2250 24 MG waterproof (must install external BEC)
  • Traxxas servo 2255 29 BL MG waterproof, with AC motor (must install external BEC)

Accessories for normal operation

For normal operation of the Traxxas RC car, you need bolt glue, good quality tire glue, silicone shock oil and a set of screwdrivers. We recommend an affordable set of tools for cars from our range.

The thread or head of the screw is dripped with screw glue, which fixes it and the vibrations caused by driving will not allow the screw connection to loosen. The screw adhesive has a special composition that allows the screw connection to be easily loosened with an adequate torque without damaging the screw head. Never use ordinary instant glue, it might be impossible to loosen a screw stuck like this!

Tire glue is used to glue the tires to the disc rim. It is always necessary that the tire is firmly stuck to the wheel rim all the way around! If the tire is not glued all the way around, it may tear. Tire glue has a special composition that is able to glue materials such as rubber or nylon, and at the same time, after hardening, the glue is flexible. Never use ordinary instant glue - it is not flexible after hardening and cracks would gradually form in the tire around the rims!

Sometimes it is necessary to add silicone oil to the dampers of the model. During normal operation, there are only slight leaks of silicone oil on the piston rods of the shock absorber. In the event that the surface of the damper pistons or the condition of the seals is in poor condition, the oil leakage may be large. For these cases, so-called repair kits are supplied. In the range of tuning parts, piston rods with an extremely hard TiN (titanium nitride) coating are delivered to all shock absorbers. Piston rods with a TiN surface are easily recognized by their golden-green color.

Spare parts

Recommended accessories

Tuning parts