Optimix RACE 30% SLV 2.5L Fuel for CAR (SPD 12.84Kč / L)

Glowing fuel for RC cars specially developed for racing riding with a composition optimized for extremely high performance. Contains 10% low viscosity KLOTZ fully synthetic oil and 30% nitromethane


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More info

Glowing fuel for RC cars specially developed for top racing riding with optimized performance for extremely high performance.

It contains 10% of fully synthetic KLOTZ low viscosity oil and 30% nitromethane. It contains the red dye KLOTZ Red for easy visual inspection of fuel tank status and distance - this is especially useful for RC helicopters and cars. The dye does not affect the operation or adjustment of the engine. Pack of 2.5 liters.

Marking of OptiMix fuel mixtures:

AIR / HELIaviation and helicopter fuel
SCRAPcar-free fuel
5% -30%nitromethane content in fuel
SLVsuper low viscosity
ULVultra low viscosity
MVmedium viscosity
RTRready for ride - contains 15% of fully synthetic KLOTZ oil
RACEracing - contains 10% of fully-lubricated KLOTZ oil with low viscosity

The product contains substances classified as dangerous according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. See the "Download" section for details.