SWORKz S14-3 “Carpet” 1/10 4WD Off-Road Racing Buggy PRO kit

Kit of a top buggy racing chassis with 4WD drive. Model without electronics and RC kit.


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Thanks to the fact that more top riders joined SWORKz, it helped to develop and improve our electric buggies 1/10. The SWORKz S14-3 is a direct consequence of this. Based on the success of the S14-2 model, SWORKz further developed its 1/10 buggy and came up with the S14-3 model. One of its most unique elements is the universal cross shaft of the axle drive with a diameter of 5 mm, which was specially designed and made of steel material Sworkz 1 / 8th Buggy.

For carpet off-road racing, we gave up the rotating ball system and switched to the C-Hub control system. A new center slip clutch system was standard. Thanks to the new C-Hub system, the S14-3 now has a new and improved front and rear shock absorber system. The front and rear arms of the new S14-3 construction are made of solid composite nylon materials. The newly developed "carbon" arms are also offered as a TUNING part. The T-7075 aluminum chassis with center torsion system provides greater rear grip. Equipped with a new front and rear upper carbon deck, the buggy has more traction.

The S14-3 model contains many high-quality parts, a sophisticated shock absorber system and other TUNING parts. The package includes many tuning parts for the SWORKz factory team. SWORKz uses only the highest quality materials and top production processes, which results in a faster, stronger and more reliable chassis.

The S14-3 Pro chassis is designed to win. And she is doing well on Czech soil against the biggest Czech top

S14-3 features:

  • SWORKz T7075 aluminum chassis BHC (Black Hard Coated) with a new construction of the flex center system.
  • High performance CNC gears.
  • Unique universal cross shafts with 5mm axes.
  • New central slip clutch system.
  • New Pro-composite carbon fiber shock absorber antlers / holders with new Shock Positions geometry / li>
  • New construction of shock absorber bodies with 3 mm shafts with hard Teflon coating.
  • Front and rear arms S14-3 made of solid composite nylon materials.
  • The set comes standard with 9 and 11 degree front C hubs.
  • New adjustable control board.
  • All-aluminum arm holders with adjustable Toe-in block.
  • SWORKz aluminum servo bracket.
  • Lexan body S14-3 Velocity 2.0 with Formula Bulkhead wing.

  • Length: 385 mm
  • Width: 245mm
  • Height: 170mm
  • Clear height: 50mm
  • Wheelbase: 282-285mm
  • Wheelbase: F: 232mm / W: 222mm
  • Gear ratio: Center: 81 teeth / 19 teeth, Front / Rear: 42/17 teeth
  • Weight: 1698g (racing condition)