GGT-15 včetně tlumiče

Letecký benzínový motor se žhavící svíčkou s obsahem 14,95ccm s výkonem 2,35 koně při 15000o/min., volnoběžné otáčky 2000ot./min, váha motoru 610g, váha výfuku 178g. Odpadá váha zapalování a jeho akumulátoru a rušení způsobované zapalováním!


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The new OS MAX GGT15 Revolutionizes the World of petrol engines! Thanks to a special glow plug (type G5), you no longer have your model "obtěžkávat" ignition and battery for its power supply. No big spark and a high-voltage cable to it, no interference caused by the ignition of activities! Just refuel gasoline connect glowing, electric starter motor played through - and you can take off!

  • It uses a glow plug rather than crisp.
  • Dropped electronic ignition and its battery pack. In addition to saving weight (150-200 g) also eliminates interference caused ignition.
  • For glowing candles G5 can use common facilities for glow engines methylakoholové fuel - the same power panels, cables with glow plugs or glow compact terminal with a built-in battery.
  • Uses Affordable Natural gasoline mixed with two-stroke engine oil mixed at a ratio of 30-50: 1 (according to the type of oil).
  • Economical operation - 200 ml tank lasts for 8 to 10 minutes of running at full throttle, or 12-13 minutes of aerobatic flying with a reserve.
  • Noble deep sound two-stroke gasoline is ideal for models and semiscales.
  • For models designed for 10-15 cc two-stroke glow.
  • Equipped dvoujehlovým carburetor 61H regulator and the fuel pump PD-08 for the reliable supply of the fuel mixture with the optimal composition at all times and in all positions of the engine.

GGT15 is dvodoubý gasoline engine designed for aircraft models designed for propelling "žhavíky" 10 to 15 cc. It is equipped with a carburetor type dvoujehlovým 61H with a fuel pump PD-08 and pressure regulator.

In the basic configuration is provided likewise the expansion silencer type E-4040 (the orientation of the exhaust neck can be changed by rotating the rear shock absorber 90 °). It is also possible to use an expansion silencer E-4051, which is especially suitable for hidden installation in the engine compartment at the mockups. < / P>

The crankshaft has a thread for propeller nut UNF 5 / 16-24, the basic set, the motor is supplied with a set of lock nuts OS for reliable fastening of the propeller. If you use Spinners with the front part that attaches the central screw, it is necessary to replace the locknut supplied special nuts Cat. No. OS45910200 (for the center M4) or OS45910300 (M5). Suggested propeller dimensions:

  • Sport: 13x8-11
  • Acrobat: 14x8-10
  • Maquette: 15x6-8

Fuel tank (200-300 ml) and all tubing must be of the type intended for gasoline. You can also use shells intended for the methyl alcohol fuel (eg. Du-Bro or Kavan), but their cap and hose must be replaced with a type resistant to gasoline - there are prestavbova set for both types of tanks.

Set engine includes: GGT15 engine with a carburetor RC 61H, PD-08 pump, glow plug G5, muffler E-4040 instruction manual.

Displacement [cc] 14.95
Number of cylinders 1
Bore [mm] 27.7
Stroke [mm] 24.8
Operating speed [rpm] 2000-11000
Motor Power (at 15,000 rpm) [kW] 1.7
Power (at 15,000 rpm) [HP] 2.35
Weight (motor) [g] 610
Weight (silencer) [g] 178
Recommended tank volume [ml] 200-300
Recommended candle OS type G5
Propeller nut thread UNF 5 / 16-24

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