GT-22 including silencer E-5040

Aircraft gasoline engine with a capacity of 22.12 cc with an output of 2.7 horsepower at 9000o / min., Idle speed 1800 rpm, engine weight 761.6g, exhaust weight 132.6g, ignition weight 105g designed f


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OS MAX GT22 provides models designed for 15 cc 2-stroke or 20 cc four-stroke glow engines all that they need - reliability and durability, simple and inexpensive operation, easy adjustment, high efficiency and high performance. OS MAX engineers have given him more power and the ability to spin propellers of a larger diameter than competing engines in this class, making it the No. 1 choice for pilots who are not happy with the compromise!

  • New electronic ignition IG-02 with power from 4-5 cells NiCd / NiMH or 2S LiPo / LiFe.
  • The Walbro WT1054 Carburettor is specially designed for the GT22.
  • It uses an affordable blend of natural gasoline with 25-50: 1 blended oil (depending on oil type).
  • Saving operation - 260 ml tank is sufficient for 11-12 minutes of aerobatic flying with a reserve of 7-8 minutes on full gas).
  • Expansion silencer E-5040 with effective damping and easy installation inside the engine cover.
  • The noisy, deep sound of gasoline twin is ideal for mock-ups and semi-models, high performance and fast response for acrobatic models.

The GT22 is a two-stroke gasoline engine designed for aircraft models designed to drive 15 cc with two-stroke or 20 cc four-stroke glow motors. It is fitted with a Walbra double-carb carburetor with a diaphragm pump and choke. In addition, the IG-02 electronic ignition and E-5040 exhaust silencer are also available in the basic assembly for a hidden installation inside the mower motor cover.

  • Recommended dimensions of propellers: Running: 15x10 ", Sport / Acrobat / Scale: 16x8" 16x10 "17x6" 17x8 "
  • Recommended fuel: run 25: 1 (25 parts Natural Gas per 1 part KLOTZ oil), normal operation 50: 1
  • The fuel tank (250-320 ml) and all hoses must be of gasoline type.

The engine kit includes: GT22 engine with Walbrock RC carburettor, electronic ignition IG-02, spark plug CM-6, exhaust silencer E-5040, operating instructions <" / p>

Cubic capacity [ccm] 22.12
Number of cylinders 1
Drilling [mm] 32
Stroke [mm] 27.5
Operating speed [rpm] 1800 - 9000
Engine power (at 9000 rpm) [kW] 1.98
Power (at 9000 rpm) [HP] 2.7
Weight (engine) [g] 761.6
Weight (muffler) [g] 132.6
Weight (ignition) [g] 105
Recommended candle CM-6
Recommended tank volume [ml] 250-320
Thread propeller nut UNF 5 / 16-24

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