DLA 116 cc engine including shock absorber and accessories

116ccm engine with 11.8 horsepower at 7500o / min, idle speed 1300o / min, 7.8: 1 compression ratio, 2600g engine weight, standard weight. exhausts 2x 115g, weight on


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The new range of petrol engines DLA has excellent workmanship, than the older engines more robust design with quality materials, especially the use of high quality components such as German and Japanese bearings, diaphragm carburetors made by Walbro or Tillotson like. Thoughtful design was for engines DLA achieved a very good ratio of weight / price / performance.

DLA 116 is slightly podčtvercový twin-cylinder boxer engine design is based on the DLA 58 of whom took the war with 46 mm bore and stroke of 35 mm. Crankcase is made of aluminum alloy and its surface is polished. The pistons are equipped with one piston ring, the connecting rod and piston pins passes through needle bearings. The engine is mounted behind the rear face on which there are bosses for fixing screws. The engines are equipped with quality ball bearings from German company FAG and needle bearings Japanese company IKO. The engine is mounted behind the rear face on which there are bosses for fixing screws. The package also includes spacers of 20 mm including fasteners.

Walbro carburetor manufactured by a membrane, dvoujjehlový, fitted choke.

Very slight expansion silencer is made of aluminum and its surface is polished.

Electronic ignition is designed for battery power with a nominal voltage of 6.6 - 7.4V. The power supply can be used as a 6-Cl. NiMh battery (at least 1800mAh) and 2S LiPo battery (at least 1300mAh) or LiFe. The ignition coil is supplied protection tubing and cables for connecting the battery and of course the spark plug DLA CM6. For easy tuning and a perfect view of the engine is running, we recommend using diditální tachometer DLA (sold separately) that connects directly to the ignition.

Recommended Fuel: Running-30: 1 (30 parts Natural 95 to 1 part oil), normal operation is 40: 1-50: first

Recommended spark plug: 2x CM-6

Recommended propeller: Running-: 26x10 "Akro / Sport / Dummy: 26x12", 27x10 ", 28x10".

The package includes: engine, electronic ignition plugs + 2, 2 + muffler exhaust gaskets, spacers, fasteners and instructions.

Displacement [cc] 116
Number of cylinders 2
Bore [mm] 46
Stroke [mm] 35
Operating speed [rpm] 1300 - 7500
Engine power (at 7500 rpm) [kW] 8.7
Power (at 7500 rpm) [HP] 11.8
Weight (motor) [g] 2600
Weight (silencer 2x) [g] 115
Weight (ignition) [g] 180
Recommended candle CM-6
Recommended tank volume [ml] 800 - 1000
Propeller nut thread 6x M5

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