Blue Mania V2 speedboat ARTR with brushless engine

Speed \u200b\u200bboat model with AC motor and 30A speed controller. Plastic hull.


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More info

Speed \u200b\u200bcatamaran with electric drive with 570 mm plastic hull for adrenaline (up to 60 km / h!) On larger water areas. The model is delivered almost finished, ready to go (just fit the rudder and the bolt, store the receiver in the supplied water balloon for water protection, charge and insert the battery) with the 3938 high-performance 3938 water cooled cooling AC motor. Cooling water is sucked by a nozzle in the rudder, out of the boat is drawn from the right side. Engine power is transmitted via a direct clutch to a flexible ship shaft mounted in a teflon housing with a half-mounted 3-pole metal screw with adjustable incline. The direction of travel is controlled by an eccentrically mounted rudder made of CNC machined duralumin parts, as is customary in the case of ships designed to run on the circuits clockwise.

For control, you will need at least two-channel RC 2.4GHz.

The on-board electronic electronics includes a water-cooled 30-speed Electronic Speed \u200b\u200bController protected against water penetration and a rust microservoir.

Access to the engine, batteries and electronics provides a removable cover; Which is wrapped around the perimeter with a self-adhesive tape to ensure perfect watertightness.

To power the model, you need a 11.1 V 2200 mAh three-cell Li-Poly battery with a load of at least 35C.

The ARTR set includes: ready-made cruise ship model, plastic stand, self-adhesive tape, allen key, rubber balloon and operating instructions.

Length [mm] 570
Width [mm] 195
Height [mm] 160
Building demand S0
Flight challenge P2

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Regulator * 30A
Rechargeable battery LiPo 11.1 V 2200 mAh
Propeller * 2-sheet 35 mm x1,4
Servos * 1x micro
RC set 2 channels
*) The ARTR set