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High-quality model of a luxurious ocean-going ship on a scale"


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RMS Titanic was the ocean liner Olympic class owned by the White Star Line. In its time it was the largest passenger steamship world. It was designed for the transportation of passengers and mail between Europe and North America. On this route had to compete with similar liners Cunard Line - Lusitania and Mauretania. The capacity of the boat allowed to carry 2,453 passengers until 2603 and a limited number of carriages or cars. The operation of ships and for passengers' comfort fostered 885-899 crew members. However he shipwrecked Titanic during its maiden voyage. April 14, 1912 at 23:40 steamer collided with an iceberg. After almost three hours, at dawn on April 15 at 2:20, sank to the bottom. Killing around 1,500 passengers and crew. The cause of the high death toll was especially the lack of lifeboats and poor organization of rescue work. The sinking of Titanic was widely publicized for a large number of victims, among whom were many wealthy and celebrities, because of the legends that have arisen about the causes and course of sinking, and finally after the discovery of well-preserved shipwreck in the depths of the Atlantic.

The model is built at a scale of 1: 150 and is shipped completely assembled. Fiberglass hull is factory fitted with a trio of electric motors DC SPEED 600. For easy access to the electronics, the model comes with a demountable body, which is made of ABS.


  • Fully assembled model
  • Hull made of fiberglass
  • Superstructure made of ABS
  • Large number of accessories maketových
  • Complete finish
  • Built-in motors
  • Simple installation of RC components
  • The package includes a stand model

The operating model is needed min. 6-channel radio system, the model can be equipped with additional functions maketovými.

Contents of the kit:

  • Fully assembled model
  • 3x DC motor
  • Stand
  • Scale accessories

This model is available as an option. < / I>

Length [mm] 1760
Width [mm] 210
Height [mm] 490
Weight [g] 17000