Battleship BISMARCK (without camouflage)"

High-quality model of the German battleship in the 1: 150 scale with 3 Speed \u200b\u200b600 electric motors installed. Length 1670mm."


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Bismarck was a German World War II battleship, named after Reich Chancellor Bismarck. It was one of the greatest and most powerful battleships in the world. Its captain was Captain Zur See (~ Marine Captain) Ernst Lindemann, and Bismarck's granddaughter, Dorothea von Löwenfeld, took on the role of godmother. In May 1941, he set out on his first and last cruise to the Atlantic, during which the British Battlecruiser HMS Hood sank on May 24th. After several days of persecution, he was seriously damaged by the Swordfish torpedo bombers from the HMS Ark Royal and then sunk on May 27 after an unequal battle with HMS Rodney battleships, HMS King George V and other smaller vessels.

The model is built in a scale of 1: 150 and is delivered completely assembled. The laminated fuselage is already fitted with three SPEED 600 DC electric motors. For easy access to the electronics, the model comes with a detachable superstructure made of ABS.


  • Completely assembled model
  • Fuse made of laminate
  • Bodies made of ABS
  • Large number of mock accessories
  • Complete surface treatment
  • Built-in Speed \u200b\u200b600 engines
  • Simple installation of RC components
  • The rack is included in the package

To control the model requires min. 6-channel RC set, the model can be retrofitted with other mock-up features.

Kit content:

  • Completely assembled model
  • 3x Speed \u200b\u200b600 engine
  • Stand
  • Machete accessories

This model is supplied to order.

Length [mm] 1670
Width [mm] 240
Height [mm] 414
Weight [g] 14000

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