Mistral V2 2.0m PNP

A fast RC model of the Mistral electric glider with Hotliner features for dynamic flight, on slopes and acrobatics. Used RG-15 profile, effective flaps. Laminate fuselage, wing has a foam core, covered with abachi veneer and Oracover® film. An AC motor is inst


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Fast RC model of electric glider Mistral with Hotliner properties for dynamic flight, slope and acrobatics. Used profile RG-15, effective wing flaps. Laminate fuselage, wing has foam core, abachi veneer cover and Oracover® foil. Installed is brushless motor RO-Power 3522 (1100 kV), servos 6x FS-155MG, propeller 11x8 and propeller cone 38mm.


The multipurpose two-meter model with the character of Hotliner is designed for a wide range of weather conditions and terrains.

The fuselage is painted laminate, with reinforcements in exposed parts. The wing with foam core is covered with abachi veneer reinforced with thin glass fabric and Oracover® foil. The color design of the model is fresh and modern and consists of vivid colors for exceptional visibility in the sky in all positions. This gives the pilot confidence and safety when flying with Tomahawk Mistral.

The Mistral's overall speed range is impressive. A well-chosen profile ensures stable flight even at high speeds, but also allows to fly relatively slowly especially when using flaps. Landing is extremely easy due to the great flight characteristics. Controlled functions are motor, elevator, rudder, ailerons and flaps.

Power unit

The Mistral model is in the PNP version, with the RO-Power 3522 brushless motor installed and a high-quality carbon tip propeller and cone. Tighten the collet to the motor shaft and the motor is ready. It is necessary to add 80A AC controller with brake.

Tail surfaces

The elevator is in the T configuration, fastened with screws and can be easily removed. The rod and servo are in the rudder.

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Servo wings

The servos in the wing are located in the wing profile and rods with levers are covered with aerodynamic covers. The cables are also installed and there are MPX connectors in the root ribs.

Mistral features
  • The wing, elevator and control surfaces are coated with quality Oracover® foil
  • Includes RO-Power 3522 Brushless Motor (1100 kV)
  • Includes 6 servos with metal gears FS-155MG
  • Includes 11x8 folding propeller and 38mm cone
  • The fuselage with carbon reinforcements is completely painted
  • Split wing for easy transport, reinforced with 80g glass fabric over the entire surface
  • Sandwich beam all over the span for exceptional rigidity
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Wing with carbon reinforcement
  • Ailerons and flaps suspended
  • Fuselage with large cover for easy access
  • Wide flight envelope for different weather conditions

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