264286 RR SHARK kit"

ARF set of recreational motor glider from ELAPOR with Permax BL-2816-1450 AC motor, 12A regulator and 2 servos. Controlled rudder, elevator and gas; you can add ailerons, wheel chassis or a member"


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The designers of the multiplex has long watched the persistent efforts of kite people to retrain the legendary Easy Star on a flying boat, motor railcars with wheel landing gear or an aerobatic plane, did not miss them, taping tapes or even lamination of the hull ... obviously they decided that this is not a bad idea and came up with a new model for everyone, based on the design of Easy Star.

SHARK is a new model that will grow along with how to grow your experience. You start with a "EasyStarovitým" school trains transport controlled rudder and elevator, the body may stiffen additional plastic cover increasing resistance when landing on his stomach, then with the tuning kit to add aileron control, then you decide to learn to take off from the ground and mount tuning wheel chassis, then go to water and simple "snap-on" tuning boat hull flying boat ... you simply SHARK is a fairy grandfather, who will fulfill your every wish!

Like its predecessor, the SHARK reliable workhorse education and training that will satisfy advanced pilots who carried out the initial scaling airfield to basic aerobatic maneuvers and thermal soaring. Equally pleased holiday weekend fliers who provide compact and easily transportable model for a perfectly relaxing flying, grass, asphalt and the water ... whatever you want!

SHARK is a practice engine model from durable ELAPORu driven by an AC motor. Thanks to this concept with the engine mounted on a pylon under the wing stands up well to withstand rough handling and even harder "čuchometrické" sticking a bow to the native soil, which would be the classic models with engine Add next to the least damage to the propeller.

The fuselage fitted with a brushless motor (outrunner, Permax BL-O 2816-1450) housed in a wing pylon for fixed propellers, mounted 12 A regulator MultiCONT BL-12 SD and rudder and elevator servos is molded from EPP foam. Canopy is removable magnetic closures. Two-piece wing is also molded from EPP, the wings and their cables are prepared preformed pits and grooves. Wing to connect pipe clamps.

Empennage in conventional arrangement are made from EPP, they are controlled by means of wire rope pull. Floating horizontal tail surface is removable for easy transport, fixed simple lock, which is already well-proven models Merlin and Panda.

Flight preparation involves only deployment halves of the wings, horizontal tail attachment, connecting the receiver and connect the drive battery. Controlled the rudder, elevator and motor speed; supplement aileron control with the tuning kit is a question of a few tens of minutes.

To control the model you need at least four channel radio system, the optimum is at least six-channel radio system enabling independent control of aileron servos and other "play".

To power the Shark will need three-cell Li-Po battery 11.1 V and a capacity of 900-1000 mAh (capacity 20C).

SHARK is designed for beginners deliver-as always - under the supervision of an experienced pilot, as well as for anyone who wants just as nice recreational flying. Its flight characteristics are good and straightforward. The model introduces you to the management model elevator and rudder - and in the case of adding aileron control and ailerons. By varying the ratio of the lengths of servo and rudder you can adjust the size of variations in the large range. Beginner starts with small displacements, secure and excessive "steering"; experienced pilot will set up a large, allowing a little bit of that basic stunts - flips, barrel rolls, Wing over SHARK going very well! Engine power is adequate for living and recreational climbing acrobatics; a reserve for flying with bulky člunovým hull.

Tuning Shark

  • Aileron control: If you decide to add aileron control is available to the original tuning kit MULTIPLEX # 6 5165 containing 2 servos, extension cables, rods and levers. < / Li>
  • Reinforcement of the hull: using plastic cover # 22 4329 simply reinforce a bow and bottom of the hull for rougher landing on his stomach.
  • Wheeled chassis: For takeoff and landing on the asphalt track, you can simply "snapped" tuning wheel chassis # 22 4327th
  • Flying boat: you can just as easily "snapped" ship-borne hull of ELAPORu # 22 SHARK 4328 and converted into "water sprite". Boat hull and keel with degree for excellent leadership and direction easily peel off used to stabilize the wing-like "stubs" on the fuselage sides providing flight and some buoyancy - a structure with which arrived nearly 100 years ago Claudius Dornier. The same "stubs" had its legendary machines Dornier Val or giant Do-X, as well as a great American "Clipper" - a four-engine Martin 130 flying in the late 30s across the Pacific Ocean to China and the Philippines, as well as competing Boeing 314 mounted on the first transatlantic line linking the US and Europe.

ARF consists of: body molded from ELAPORu fitted with a brushless motor, propeller 5x4,5 "speed controller 12A and 2 servos, wing stamped out ELAPORu, horizontal tail of ELAPORu, small accessories and detailed instructions for building.

Margin [mm] 1070
Length [mm] 870
Weight [g] 500
Wing area [dm 2] 19.5
controlled functions S, V, M
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P1

Drive and RC equipment:

Engine * Permax BL-O 2816-1450
Regulator * AC MultiCONT BL-12 SD
Propeller * 5x4,5 "
battery FOXY G2 11.1 1000 mAh
Serva * 2 MS-12015
RC rig at least 4 channels
*) Part of ARF set


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