1-00846 Acromaster PRO RR kit

New and thoroughly improved design of the popular 3D aerobatic aircraft with a span of 1100 mm made of foam ELAPOR with installed AC motor ROXXY C35-48-990kv, 55A controller and 4 servos. Controlled


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After several years of pause, the popular 3D acrobatic special AcroMaster from foam ELAPOR returns. At a glance it may look like, but in fact it is a new model with a completely redesigned internal construction!

Like its predecessor, the new AcroMaster Pro is a vivid model that allows you to fly classic and extreme 3D aerobatics with the right settings. It is characterized by similar very light chamber construction made of foam ELAPOR abundantly reinforced with composite parts. Compared to the original model, the new more robust engine bed is more anchored in the fuselage, the new duralumin main chassis with a new fuselage holder, redesigned bed for the propulsion battery, a new system of securing the wing wings, rudder servos and elevators are hidden in the fuselage ... and much more.

The hull of the model is made of almost indestructible foam ELAPOR. The rigid but lightweight chamber design is classically “multiplexed” designed for easy installation of RC equipment and to ensure perfect cooling of the engine, controller and propulsion accumulators through trunking channels. In the bow is a motor bed with an installed ROXXY C35-48-990kv brushless motor and a 12x6 ”, 70 A propeller with BEC switched power supply ROXXY BL Control 755 S-BEC to ensure reliable power supply to the electronics, in the middle of the fuselage under the removable cabin cover is a space for a propulsion battery, receiver (it is also planned to place the stabilization system Wingstabi) and servos rudder and elevator.

Two-piece wing with thick 3D profile from ELAPOR with composite clutch for easy transport is secured by latches inserted into the fuselage in the cabin area. Large wings are controlled by two servos using short straight wire rods.

The tail surfaces are also made of ELAPOR, rudders are controlled by cableways / p>

The main chassis is duralumin with enlarged wheels and aerodynamic wheel covers; spur is wire, coupled with rudder.

The RR set comes in pure white ELAPOR with a tinted cab, so you can enjoy a customized finish. Two sets of Multiplex stickers in red-blue and yellow-black combinations, which are sold separately, can also help you “beautify”.

The model is equipped with two Hitec HS-82MG servos for rudder and elevator control and two HS-65HB servos for aileron control.

To control the model, you will need at least a four-channel RC set, the optimum is to use a computer six- or multi-channel RC set allowing individual adjustment of the aileron servos and the use of exponential deflections and clever mixes.

To power the model you will need a three-cell LiPo battery 2600-2700 mAh with a capacity of at least 35C.

AcroMaster Pro is primarily designed for experienced to highly experienced pilots; but with minor displacements, anyone who has some experience of acrobatics and is able to fly reliably with the previous model can fly with normal and inverted loops, headlands, twists, and twists.

RR set includes: almost finished model with fuselage, wing and tail surfaces of foam ELAPOR with fitted motor, regulator and 4 servos, alloy chassis with wheels and instructions.

Span [mm] 1100
Length [mm] 1150
Weight [g] 1350
Wing area [dm 2 ] 36.6
Controlled functions S, V, K, M
Construction demands S1
Difficulty of piloting P2, P3

Drive and RC equipment:

Engine * ROXXY C35-48-990kv
Regulator * ROXXY BL Control 755 S-BEC
Propeller * 12x6 "
Accumulator FOXY G3 11.1V 2600mAh
Servos * 2 x HS-65HB, 2 x HS-82MG
RC set min. 4 channels
*) Part of RR set

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