ARF set of 3D acrobatic park-flyer from ELAPOR with Permax BL 2206 electric motor, 18A controller and 3 servos. Wing with symmetrical profile. Controlled wings, rudder, elevator.


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A high performance 3D aerobatic special category of park-fly from durable foam ELAPOR supplied as practically finished ARF set with fitted AC motor, controller and servos. A few tens of minutes with superglue or Purex in hand sticking wings, horizontal tail and carbon struts are sufficient to complete this special, capable of flying maneuvers classic F3A assembly, as well as hang on the propeller and perform all other 3D stunts! It is designed for less experienced pilots; with smaller displacements with him can fly, anyone who already has at least some experience with acrobatics and is able to reliably fly with the previous model loop, stall and roll. The low weight of the model possible accidents due to "entanglement hands" too hurt - and "bullets" is so easy to fix!

Wing with large wings has a symmetrical profile, give it strength carbon spars and struts. Ailerons on the big screen are controlled by one servo mounted in the fuselage. Extremely long-armed lever servo and direct carbon guarantees a large range of deflections and precise control.

The fuselage of foam glued ELAPORu with carbon reinforcements is profiled with a large lateral surface for perfect behavior in a knife-edge flight. The bow is mounted brushless motor Permax BL-O 2206-1050 with 18 A controller MultiCONT BL-18 SD propeller GWS 9x5 "is attached by a gumičkového carrier. Battery compartment can be found on top of the fuselage just behind the engine under the removable cover. Servo rudder and elevator are stored under the wing aileron servo above the wing.

The tail surfaces are also ELAPORové, large elevator is reinforced with carbon spars and struts. The elevator is controlled by a carbon rod, the stiffness increased four plastic guide loops evenly distributed along the entire length of the rod. Rudder can also operate as a carbon rod elevator or you can use the cable raceways - kit contains material for both. < / P>

The chassis is wired, two-wheeled, two lightweight foam wheels and aerodynamic covers from ELAPORu.

To control the model you need at least four channel radio system; 3D flying is a really big advantage of using a computer RC system with adjustable double deflection and especially exponential deflections. This allows you to have a reasonable response to the rudder around neutral, while maintaining a vast displacement necessary for 3D flying when the stick is really a good take!

For power you need three-cell LiPo battery 11.1 V 450 mAh with a load capacity of at least 25C.

RC set includes: fuselage ELAPORu installed motor, controller and servos, wing and tail surfaces of ELAPORu, carbon rods and struts, small accessories, two-wire chassis with lightweight wheels, propeller GWS 9x5 "and building instruction.

Margin [mm] 870
Length [mm] 928
Weight [g] 350
Wing area [dm 2] 24
controlled functions S, V, K, M
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P2, P3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Engine * Permax BL-O 2206-1050
Regulator * MultiCONT BL-18 SD
power pack RAY G3 11.1V 450 mAh
Propeller * GWS 9x5 "
Serva * 3 MS-12016
RC rig min. 4 channels
*) Part of ARF set.


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