264331 RR Funcub XL 1700mm ARF set"

The bigger and "heavier" brother of a favorite "entertainer" from unbreakable ELAPOR. ARF set with Permax BL-O 4235-0480, 60A controller and 6 servos HS-225BB. For power from 6S LiPo 3300mAh."


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And here it is! FunCub 300 mm larger, with two such battery and engine power fourfold, large slotted flaps, with hook for aero-tow, bomb bay and ready for attachment of floats - it will be a great deal of fun!

Multiplex again succeeded previously unimaginable - in a single model to combine features and capabilities that are much closer with 3D models, while retaining the option to use as a recreational FunCub XL model for festive pilots. Therefore, in our evaluation of pilot performance will find an unusual figure P2-4 - FunCub when appropriate setting suitable for recreational pilots and seasoned athletes who fully utilize its "Fun XL" potential. Take a closer look, how is this possible ...

FunCub preserves nowadays traditional "multiplexáckou" construction of highly resistant foam ELAPOR which ensures easy and quick construction, light weight, strength and durability in operation and ease of repair if the pilot something goes wrong. Although outwardly similar to its predecessor, proven school, a training and 3D entertainers FunCub, everything is at it more robust, thoroughly reinforced and dimensioned.

The fuselage is made of foam ELAPORu with "multiplexácky" sophisticated internal reinforcement structure made of plywood, laser-carved parts. This forms the "backbone" of the model; carries a brushless motor Permax BL-O 4235-0480, the controller MultiCONT BL-60 SD with its powerful switch-mode power stabilizer SBEC, drive battery and chassis. The cowl is removable from ELAPORu with magnetic locks. Removable canopy allows access to bed for the drive battery. Servo rudder and elevator HS-225BB are mounted in the tail section of the fuselage and rudder control short wire rods. In the upper part of the fuselage has in place a mechanism towhook - Servo HS-225BB can be added at any time. The bottom part of the hull can mount additional HS-225BB servo control door cargo space for tuning paratrooper Alfred, candy or other "payload".

Two-piece wing foamed ELAPORu imitation design slack, and a fabric cover on the upper side and with a carbon tubular main beam is put on the side of the two tubular connectors carbon; halves are secured polyamide screws and a pair of carbon rods wings. Servos and flaps HS-225BB are mounted in manholes in the wing; rudders controlled via a short straight wire rods. Large slotted flaps are suspended on the eccentric plastic hinges allowing deflection of up to 90 ° down. Wing design allows mounting kit LED lights POWER-MULTILIGHT - holders are prepared for LED positioning and landing lights with transparent covers and, of course, grooves and tunnels for laying cables. The roots of the wing halves is stored ingeniously designed mount connectors for cables aileron servos, valves and lights.

The tail surfaces are made of foam ELAPORu indicated with "ribs" and sagging skin; horizontal stabilizer has a carbon rod, the rudder is ready for installation of warning lights.

The main undercarriage has a robust aluminum legs and a giant balloon wheels (with foam-filled tires) for take-off from any field. The spur is duralumin, coupled with springs rudder. Wheeled chassis can easily be mistaken for tuning a set of floats.

FunCub XL is designed to operate from 6S LiPo battery - it is recommended to use a pair of sets about 3S 3300 mAh with a load capacity of at least 25C.

To control model you will need at least sedmikanálovou radio system - in this case, but left with channels for auxiliary functions or you have to flap and aileron servos involved Y-cables into one channel. To fully exploit the possibilities of the model with functional towing hook, operated cargo compartment door and lights must be nine, but rather prefer a ten RC rig. < / P>

To control auxiliary functions will need 1-2 miniservo - ready to match pits servos Hitec HS-225BB / MG.

Excess power and highly efficient large flaps and giant wheels are precisely what makes the FunCubu XL "entertainer". It can take off and land on a dime, literally, depends on the propeller taking off and landing as well as from higher grass or uneven ground, where it would have a different model to "operate" could. For summer holidays on the water, you can buy floats - excess engine power and precise control with ailerons and flaps again allow seamless operation and seaplane pilots with no previous experience in naval aviation.

You can also supplement the tow hook (it can be installed at any time, and in addition to finished and létaného model) and XL FunCub turn into a drag that reliably gets to a height of 2-3 m and gliders, as Solius or Heron.

RR set contains: assembled fuselage, wings and tail surfaces of Elaporu fitted with motor, controller and servos, a set of braces, duralumin chassis with wheels, propeller 15x8 "and detailed instructions for building and flying. Bag with accessories hover hidden in the packing box (the polystyrene) see. photo.

Tuning: For FunCub XL is a set of floats (Cat. #. # 733098) with which a lot of fun too near the water # 852004 The parachutist Alfred # 73030 Set of lights POWER-MULTILIGHT with remote control (On, Off, position lights + anti-collision beacons, position lights turned on + + landing beacons of light).

Tip: Speed controller MultiCONT BL-60SD can be programmed using programming cards for regulators RAY (PELIKAN DANIEL - Cat. No. 1RC22020).

Margin [mm] 1700
Length [mm] 1200
Weight [g] 2850
Wing area [dm 2] 51
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P2, P3, P4
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, F (2)

Recommended drive and RC equipment

Engine * Permax BL-O 4235-0480
Regulator * MultiCONT BL-60 SD
power pack 2x FOXY 11.1 V 3300 mAh
Propeller * 15x8 "
Serva * 6x HS-225BB (you can add additional 2x HS-225BB for the tow hook and the bomb bay)
RC rig min. 7 channels, 10 for the full utilization of all functions
*) Part of the RR set.


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