214250 DogFighter kits"

The ELAPOR aerobatic and squat low-wing model of the sol. 882mm for AC motor classes"


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A good fighter must be fast, have excellent climbing ability, to be agile and respond quickly and accurately to management, while also having a decent innate stability for aiming and accurate fire at a target, must have a high speed in a dive ... and also good low speeds to avoid becoming a death trap for a pilot to death exhausted air combat. "Height - speed - maneuver" - this is what are the principles by which Multiplex constructed his new DogFighter damn fast and maneuverable monoplane of almost indestructible ELAPORu. With elegance and aggressive look for thoroughbred racing around pylons and soul of fighter II. World War II will offer tuplovanou dose of pure and undiluted adrenaline!

Low minimum speed, amazing maximum speed (200 km / h supertuningovém design), extremely neutral behavior in flight with its fast response and management for its acrobatics ... all combined with extremely robust dragon made of foam ELAPORu. Operation of the model makes a number of "goodies" - from removable canopy for rapid refueling, sorry, replacement batteries, via motor mount for easy tuning offset downward or sideways, to the removable wing for easy transport.

Robust fuselage made of foam ELAPORu bears the typical characteristics "vymakané multiplexácké" design - strategically placed plastic reinforcement, motor mount is easily adjustable eccentricity down, or sideways, cases for servo enable easy installation (and, if necessary, removal) by simply "click" removable canopy for easy replacement of the propulsion battery, rugged bed accumulator with fastening strap for securing 100% reliable Li-po sets and thoughtful layout of interior space for easy installation powerplant and RC equipment while ensuring good cooling. < / P>

The tail surfaces are also made Elaporu, the basic version of the rudder fixed, but its control can easily be added; kit already includes the accessories needed to do. Servos and respectively. signs are located in the tail section of the fuselage and rudder controlled via a short straight wire rods.

Polosouměrným with wing profile made of foam ELAPORu the piece; the fuselage is fastened using two screws polyamide. The ailerons are dominated by two servos mounted in the wing; shafts for them and extension cords are obviously already prepared. Strength of the wing increases coherent assembly stiffeners formed carbon main beam and auxiliary beams of laminated poles vlepovaných into grooves on the top and underside of the wing.

DogFighter - as is usual with kombatových models - no chassis, starts from his hand and landed "on the belly" into the grass.

The model comes with two sheets of stickers - one for sport execution style planes for pylon racing and one for "warbird" design in the colors of the RAF.

To drive the model, you'll need a class brushless motor AXI 2814 (for recreational acrobatic spree) to 2820 (for purely intense combat and acrobatics) with tříčlánkovým Li-poly battery 2200 mAh about a load capacity of at least 25C.

To control the model you need at least four channel radio system, the ideal is of course the use of at least five channels of computer RC system that allows independent control of aileron servos, accurate sizing displacements, deflections or dual programming. exponential deflections to reduce sensitivity of the rudder around neutral, allowing very precise control while maintaining a large maximum deflections.

Kit includes: moldings fuselage, wing and tail made of foam ELAPORu, spinner of ELAPORu, a set of small accessories 2 sheets of stickers, instructions for building. < / P>

Tip: Using stickers for model Twister, you can change into your DogFighter American, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, French or German colors - so you to complete your own Mustfire, HurriHawk, Moraitine, Macchiane or Messer-Wulf will.

Margin [mm] 882
Length [mm] 812
Weight [g] 850
Wing area [dm 2] 19
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P2, P3

Drive and RC equipment:

Tuning RAY Tuning FOXY Tuning AXI Super Tuning FOXY Super Tuning AXI
Engine RAY G2 C3536-1250 FOXY G2 C2814-1150 AXI 2814/12 FOXY G2 C2820-1100 AXI 2820/10
Propeller APC 10x7 APC 10x7 APC 9x4,5E APC 11x7 APC 10x7
battery RAY G3 11.1 V 2200 mAh RAY G3 11.1 V 2200 mAh RAY G3 11.1 V 2200 mAh FOXY 11.1 V 2100 mAh FOXY 11.1 V 2100 mAh
Serva 3-4 HS-55 and HS-5055MG 3-4 HS-5055MG
RC rig min. 4 channels


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