214275 Park Master PRO kit

Modernized version of a 3D acrobatic park-flyer made of highly durable ELAPOR foam for AXI 2217 class electric motors. Wing with symmetrical profile, fuselage with large side surface for excellent pro


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The new, greatly enhanced version of high-performance 3D acrobatic special category of park-fly from durable foam ELAPOR designed for driving brushless electric motors class AXI 2217 / xx. Multiplex proven ParkMaster 3D thoroughly redesigned - slightly increased margins and length, adding carbon reinforcements, brand new extra strong motor mount, a completely new chassis is also a carbon legs and a robust bracket anchored in the torso.

One-piece wing with large wings has a symmetrical profile, give it strength carbon spars and of course there is no lack preformed shaft servo. The fuselage is profiled with a large lateral surface for perfect behavior in a knife-edge flight. Traditionally, sophisticated design includes redesigned and reinforced engine bed with freely adjustable eccentricity engine, 3D maniacs can buy carbon tuning bulkhead mount their favorite supermotoru. The hull is prepared for shaft speed controller, receiver and servos and Rudder. The tail surfaces are also Elaporové, large elevator is reinforced with carbon spar. Short straight rods are controlled by the ailerons, rudder and elevator. If you think acrobatics just a little more seriously, we strongly recommend the use of servo HS-65HB with durable karbonitovými transfers or similar type. Since the model has on board 4 always very busy servo, it is necessary to choose such a regulator, the BEC stabilizer is designed to supply four microservo. The chassis is carbon, two-wheeled, two lightweight wheels EPP.

Two to three hours with superglue or Purex in hand just to complete this special, capable of flying maneuvers classic F3A assembly, as well as hang on the propeller and perform all other 3D stunts! It is designed for less experienced pilots; with smaller displacements with him can fly, anyone who already has at least some experience with acrobatics and is able to reliably fly with the previous model loop, stall and roll. The low weight of the model possible accidents due to "entanglement hands" too hurt - and "bullets" is so easy to fix!

Kit contains: Elaporové moldings fuselage, wings, tail surfaces and cover chassis, adjustable motor mount, carbon reinforcements, rudder hinges, levers and other small accessories carbon chassis with lightweight wheels EPP, 2 sheets of stickers and detailed instructions for building.

Margin [mm] 975
Length [mm] 1030
Weight [g] 550
Wing area [dm 2] 29
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Building intensity S2
Difficulty piloting P2, P3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Eco RAY Sport FOXY Sport AXI
Engine RAY G2 C2836-850 FOXY G2 C2216-850 AXI 2217/20
Regulator RAY R-30B FOXY R-35B FOXY R-35B
power pack RAY G3 11.1V 1200 mAh FOXY G2 11.1V 1000 mAh FOXY G2 11.1V 1000 mAh
Propeller APC 11x4,7SF APC 11x4,7SF APC 11x4,7SF
Serva 4x GO-13MG 4x HS-65HB 4x HS-65HB
RC rig min. 4 channels min. 4 channels min. 4 channels


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