R9DS receiver

Nine-channel 2.4GHz FHSS / DSSS telemetry receiver for Radiolink AT9S and AT10II transmitters. PWM operating mode: 9 units. servo channel outputs. S-BUS operating mode: S-BUS serial output + 6x PWM channels (10 channels in total). Dimensions 43x24x15mm, 10g. F


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Radiolink R9DS 2.4GHz is a 9-channel telemetry receiver with DSSS and FHSS frequency hopping compatible with Radiolink AT9, AT 9S, AT10 and AT10II transmitters (AT10II must be switched to 10CH). The R9DS offers PWM signal output (9 channels) or S-BUS serial (10 channels). The receiver is compatible with the PRM-01 and PRM-02 telemetry modules.

It offers two operating modes - with standard width modulated (PWM) signal servo outputs (9 channels) or with S-BUS serial output (10 channels).

The receiver is suitable for RC models of all kinds (manufacturer's range is 900 m on the ground and 2000-3000 m in the air).

The use of DSSS / FHSS transmission technology delivers high interference immunity and fail-safe capability in case of power failure or strong interference.

Operating modes

  • With individual PWM servo signal outputs: the red LED indicates PWM signal output, a total of 9 channels.
  • With SBUS serial output: the blue / purple LED indicates the SBUS signal output, a total of 10 channels. SBUS and PWM signal outputs can be used in SBUS mode simultaneously. The socket 9 is the SBUS signal, and at the same time socket 1 is the PWM signal of channel CH3, at the sockets 2 to 6 the PWM signal is CH6 to CH10.

The pairing with the transmitter is done with the help of a pairing button on the receiver, the operating states are indicated by an LED.

The receiver is equipped with contact strips for standard UNI connectors (= JR / Graupner, Hitec, Futaba); the outlets are oriented in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the receiver.

The receiver set includes: R9DS receiver, instructions.

Modulation / Encoding 2.4GHz FHSS / DSSS
Number of Channels (PWM) - (S-BUS) 9-10
Serial output S-BUS
Function Fail-safe
Power supply 4.8 V, 6V, 7.2V, 7.4V
Unserved [mA] 40-180
Length [mm] 43
Width [mm] 24
Height [mm] 15
Weight [g] 14

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