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DUPLEX REX 12 EPC 2.4GHz 12k receiver"

12-channel full-range receiver, compatible with JETI EX " EX Bus protocols. Supports telemetry features and includes a separate power connector (MPX)."


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More info

Other functions:

  • PPM input
  • PPM output
  • Integrated expander for devices supporting EX and EX bus
  • Digital UDI output

The Duplex REX series receivers are designed for operation with DC / DS transmitters and Duplex Tx transmitter modules operating in the 2.4GHz band. With full digital and bi-directional communication between the transmitter and the receiver, it brings new possibilities in remote control of models. Key benefits include high interference immunity, reach to the limit of visibility, the ability to monitor the state of the model at any time, and many other features.

Telemetry Duplex EX is built on an open protocol, which offers a wide choice of telemetric sensors from both the JETI model and other manufacturers. You can use JETIBOX profi or DC / DS to view telemetry data.

Duplex REX receivers are fully compatible with the previous version of the Duplex system. "