55017 WINGSTABI RX-16-DR PRO M-LINK 35A receiver

Sixteen-channel telemetry receiver WINGSTABI-16-DR for M-LINK with built-in freely programmable triaxial gyroscopic stabilization system. 4 flight modes for wind flying, acrobatics and 3D acrobatics. Integrated power supply system for on-board electronics


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More info

Always have full control over your model is the dream of every pilot. Freely programmable three-axis gyroscopic system for all RC model aircraft with fixed wings WINGSTABI-RX specially designed for giant models makes this an achievable dream. The latest generation of ultra-precision three-axis MEMS sensor ensures that the impression of flying remains realistic even at a very high level of stabilization, and the pilot never has the feeling that he was trying to drive the robot. Slim pouch made of anodized aluminum, it is possible to model installed in any orientation. WINGSTABI-RX enables simple and fast programming via PC or application on your smartphone or tablet. In addition to its own stabilization system unit content and integrated telemetry receiver 2.4GHz RX-16-DR M-LINK.

  • Adjusting the gain (sensitivity) in all three axes can be changed separately or together with the transmitter.
  • For each axis can be set separately variation factor.
  • 16 outputs for servos.
  • Built-in power supply system onboard electronics for two 2S LiPo / 5-6čl. NiMH / NiCd batteries capable of carrying up to 35 A and connection of magnetic switch.
  • Gyro function is freely assignable for each servo, ie. The device can be adapted for any modeller application.

Four flight modes:

1. Stabilisation off

2. Stabilisation flying in windy environments (gyro mode damping "damping") - WINGSTABI-RX "to turn off the wind '

3rd Acrobatics and 3D flying (gyro mode heading hold) - model retains the last flight position, which is commanded; to move to another position should get a new command. E.g. if the wings depart driver model will perform roll at constant speed proportional to the size of the deflection of the actuator, the flying line (without the need for "pushing elevator" supine).

4th hover maneuvering Propeller - Special "sharp" heading hold mode for extreme 3D

WINGSTABI-RX supports:

  • Delta mixer for flying wings and deltas, blender for a V-tail control flaps and spoilers. < / Li>
  • The dampers can be set to amplify the response of the wings.
  • Graphical display of real-time sensors in the PC software.
  • Transmission of telemetry M-LINK, in addition to data transmission of telemetry sensors can display gain setting on the transmitter display.


Unit WINGSTABI-RX can be introduced into the model installed in any orientation, the only requirement is that the axis of the cartridge are parallel to the axes of the model. For fixing serves a foot mounts.

Adjusting the transmitter

Like Flybarless systems are all mixes the transmitter off, trims and subtrims set in the middle respectively. to zero. Used only dual and exponential variations, other adjustment is performed in software WINGSTABI-RX. On the transmitter assigning four channels and the appropriate drivers for the ailerons, rudder, elevator and throttle, plus one channel with a three-position switch for switching modes WINGSTABI-RX. If you use flight mode 4 (hover on the propeller) is still one channel with two-position switch. For remote gyro gain adjustment axes aileron, elevator and rudder can assign up to three additional channels with proportional control or digital trims.

Involvement WINGSTABI-RX

One or two receiver batteries from 6.0 to 9.0 V (2S LiPo 5-6čl. NiMH / NiCd etc.) Plugged into power outlets WINGSTABI. Built-in power supply system ensures uniform discharge of both connected batteries, in case of failure of one of them diarrhea power transferred to the other. Thanks to regularly cycled two batteries, eliminating the risk of long-term unused "backup" battery loses capacity and fail just when you need them. To channel outputs WINGSTABI RX-connect the individual servos in the model into the S / W magnetic # 8 5196 or mechanical switch # 8 5195 (sold separately).


Pair transmitter MULTIPLEX M-LINK WINGSTABI-RX. Do data sockets WINGSTABI RX-connect via the USB interface of a PC with installed software MULTIPLEX Launcher or Bluetooth module providing a connection with your tablet or smartphone with the application of MULTIPLEX (free download). With the operating software step by step through the basic settings - to assign a channel transmitter including a switch flight modes, verification sense 'deflection, setting the orientation unit WINGSTABI-RX, verification sense gyro response in each channel. And the first time you take off!

Utility or application

Provide detailed information about all parameters of the model and stabilization system. For simplicity, all menus are almost two levels:

  • basic (Basic) with a simple adjustment that is quickly and easily manageable less experienced pilots
  • Advanced (Enhanced) that experienced users and experimenters offers a number of adjustable parameters for detailed optimization model behavior and stabilization system.

Utility or application lets you check all the parameter settings, adjust the size and senses deflections in all channels, other mixes (including mixes elevons and V-tail, aileron-rudder etc.) parameters stabilization system, save the set parameter files into memory and PC memory or mobile device again to record WINGSTABI-RX firmware upgrades WINGSTABI RX-setting or erase the factory default settings.

Flying the model

The model was first Flits and vytrimuje normal manner with the stabilization off. Trim value is then overwritten in memory WINGSTABI-RX and you can start flying to the stabilization and fine-tune the parameters of the different flight modes. Debugging can facilitate remote gain adjustment through proportional controllers or digital trim that can be assigned for this purpose on the transmitter. Value gains can watch on the transmitter display (or an additional telemetry display).

Set WINGSTABI-RX contains: WINGSTABI-RX-16-DR pro, silent blocks set screws for mounting the unit, USB-PC interface (UNI) instructions.

Power (1 or 2 battery), [V] 6-9
Number of channels 16
Weight [g] 100
Length [mm] 74
Width [mm] 58
Height [mm] 16