55815 Receiver RX-16-DR for M-Link 2.4GHz"

Dual 16-channel 2.4GHz M-LINK receiver, Fail-safe, telemetry, PC interface, possible dual-mode operation, power 3.5-9.0V. Extended range, robust box with mounting"


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Double (diversity) šestnáctikanálový 2.4 GHz FHSS receiver system MULTIPLEX M-LINK transmission of telemetry, thanks to built-in preamplifier extended range (significantly exceeds the range of ordinary 2.4GHz receivers) and increased supply voltage range (4-6 Ni-xx, Li 2s poly). Using M-LINK transmission technology provides high noise immunity and the ability to set the emergency deflections (fail-safe) in case of failure or strong interference signal transmitter.

The receiver is designed for use in giant models and generally in models with high demands on current draw servos. This is equipped with double power socket for standard servokonektory UNI and socket connector MULTIPLEX M6 lets you use the power cable from the receiver battery with large cross sections. All servo outputs and two sockets for the sensors are equipped with fuses on Continuous carry 5A (peak up to 7.5 A for 10 s), which protects the receiver from overload. Safety of operation in environments with high vibration level increases also robust box with mounting clips with mounts and plug the cable holder holding servokonektory securely plugged into the receiver.

RX-16-DR M-LINK includes circuitry for two receivers with special antennas that operate in parallel, which ensures correct installation of antennas (mutually perpendicular) to the high reliability of transmission control signal regardless of the relative position of the transmitter and the model. Use of diversity # 85070 cable, it can be connected to the "tandem" with any M-LINK MULTIPLEX receiver allowing "dvoupřijímačový" operating mode. Then connect the receiver to the board model working together, the servos are always transmitted signal from the receiver with the best quality reception. So you can easily implement system-board quad diversity to ensure ideal reception conditions and thus eliminate the influence of directivity receiver antennas. You will enjoy a hitherto unknown level of transfer security control signal for large and fast models of airplanes and helicopters.

Pairing with a transmitter and setting the fail-safe emergency deflections is carried out via the programming SET button on the receiver operating states are indicated by LEDs.

The receiver is equipped with dual data socket for connecting external sensor modules (up to 16 modules interconnected in series) telemetry for transmission to the transmitter.

When using a PC connection cable and PC # 85149 MULTIPLEX Launcher program (free download at the website MULTIPLEX) or Programmer # 82094 MULTImate can adjust emergency deflection Fail-safe individually for each channel. It can enable the combined settings common for helicopter models - in case of emergency, the gas down on idle while the other servos maintain the last correct position, thereby reducing the risk of sudden "jump" collective and cyclic control after the restoration of normal income.

When using a PC connection cable # 85149 and MULTIPLEX Launcher PC program can also update the receiver's software, examine in detail the counter error conditions (which detects a power failure and reception) and assign addresses for external telemetry sensor modules

Receiver RX-16-DR M-LINK is equipped with jacks for standard connectors UNI (= JR / Graupner, Hitec) MULTIPLEX M6 and socket for power.