MAXIMA SL S-Bus compatible receiver"

Mini S-Bus compatible 2.4GHz receiver with 7ms transfer rate to work with flybarless systems. Weight 8.2g, no telemetry.1xS-Bus output, 5x PWM servo output. Power 3.7-9.0 V. ONLY for"


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Miniature 2.4GHz receiver in a plastic box with super fast AFHSS one-way system without telemetry Hitec serial output (S-Bus compatible) for use with a 3-axis gyroscopic systems. It has a full range and an increased supply voltage range (4-5 Ni-xx, Li-poly 1-2 s). For receiving the signals is a pair of antennas. Determine the receiver for use in models of all categories; thanks to miniature size, low weight and low current consumption is also suitable for small helicopters and multikoptér.

MAXIMA SL has five standard outputs PWM (PWM) servo signals (CH1 - CH5) and outputting a serial signal (S-Bus compatible) denoted SL.

Aurora transmitter 9X 7/8 Flash used in the transmit mode receiver MAXIMA control signal with a higher repetition rate ( "frame rate") 7 ms guaranteeing truly lightning fast steering response. This of course requires the use of digital servos with corresponding parameters - consequently MAXIMA receivers only works with digital servos, are unable analog signal with a repetition rate of 7 ms work).

Using AFHSS transmission technology also provides high noise immunity and the ability to set the emergency deflections (fail-safe) in case of failure or strong interference signal transmitter.

Absence telemetry means reducing the current consumption of the receiver (which has "not waste" energy to transmit data back to the transmitter) to the level usual for FM receivers, so Maxima can be used safely even in models with rechargeable batteries with very little capacity.

Pairing with a transmitter and setting the fail-safe emergency deflection is done with the programming SET button on the receiver operating states are indicated by 2 LEDs.

MAXIMA SL 2.4GHz receiver is equipped by the contact rails for the standard UNI connectors (= JR / Graupner, Hitec, Futaba) oriented along the longitudinal axis of the box. < / P>

Allows connection stabilization system MULTIPLEX WINGSTABI.

Set the receiver comprising: a receiver MAXIMA SL, instruction manual.

Modulation / Coding 2.4GHz AFHSS
number of channels 6
serial output S-BUS
Function Fail-safe
power 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, 7.4V, 3.6V
Length [mm] 37
Width [mm] 24.4
Height [mm] 14.6
Weight [g] 8.2