SKY RC B6 NANO DUO charger 2x100W

Two-channel quick charger with balancers for 1-15 cells NiCd / NiMH, 1-6 cells Li-poly / Li-ion / Li-Fe / LiHV, 2-20V Pb current 0.1-15A (max. 2x100W). Discharge 0.1-3.0A (max. 2x8W). 230 V power supply. Internal resistance measurement, USB port, Bluetooth for


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The small 2-channel charger B6 nano duo 2x100W was designed to offer an intelligent charger with a mains power supply with high power and very simple and clear operation. The B6 nano duo allows you to charge and discharge common types of cells (NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiHV, Li-ion, LiFe, Pb), plus built-in six-channel balancers to safely charge lithium batteries. The charger is equipped with a Bluetooth interface that, when connected to SkyCharger installed on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android), provides you with the convenience and convenience of setting parameters, controlling and monitoring charging / discharging progress.

In addition to the compact palm-size design and intuitive four-button control, it is worth mentioning:

  • program for new types of "high voltage" LiHV lithium batteries with charging voltage up to 4.35 V
  • powerful balancer with current up to 1000 mA
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 lets you control the charger remotely from your tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android) with SkyCharger
  • the SkyCharger mobile application has a "SCAN TO GO" feature that allows you to create a unique QR code for each of your batteries - all you need to do is scan a QR code sticker attached to the battery and the charger starts charging without any adjustment
  • adjustable end voltage for charging and discharging for lithium batteries (allows for more gentle charging, which lovers like, or brutal overcharging, which is enjoyed by "childrens") - with SkyCharger

Overview of basic functions and parameters

  • Power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • For charging and discharging 1 - 15 NiCd / NiMH cells, 1 - 6 Li-ion / Li-poly / Li-Fe / LiHV cells or 2- 20 V lead-acid batteries
  • Adjustable charging current (0.1 A - 15.0 A)
  • Adjustable Discharge Current (0.1 A - 3.0 A)
  • Max. power for charging 2x 100 W
  • Max. power for discharging 2x 8 W
  • Charging terminated with delta-peak automatic for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Lithium and Pb batteries are charged by "constant current / constant voltage"
  • Adjustable delta-peak sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH batteries - with SkyCharger
  • Adjustable end voltage for charging and discharging lithium batteries - with SkyCharger
  • Repeated cyclic charging / discharging or discharging / charging for NiCd and NiMH batteries, up to 5 cycles
  • Four charging modes for lithium batteries - normal charging, fast charging, balancer charging and storage charging / discharging
  • Stop charging when the set time or charge is exceeded - with SkyCharger
  • Memory for any number of charging / discharging programs - with SkyCharger
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 to control your charger remotely from your tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android) with SkyCharger
  • The SkyCharger mobile application has a "SCAN TO GO" feature that allows you to create a unique QR code for each of your batteries, including all the charging information
  • Backlit LCD display with simple and clear menu and display of parameters during charging / discharging
  • Non-contact capacitive buttons for long operating life of controls
  • A number of warning messages contribute to safe operation - incorrect input voltage, poor wiring, unsuitable battery or its condition, incorrect output polarity, etc.
  • Reverse polarity protection and output short circuit protection.
  • Fans for forced cooling.
  • Compact plastic cabinet, very small size

The charger is equipped with XT60 output sockets and universal JST-XH service sockets for direct connection of the battery power cables and JST-XH 2-6S service connectors in both channels. charging cables and adapters. You can use standard Sky RC or RC System adapters to connect other system service connectors.

Note: The charger uses a terminal voltage of 2.40 V / cell when recharging lead-acid batteries. It is not suitable for charging gas-tight gel batteries that must not be charged at more than 2.30 V / cell.

Charger kit includes: B6 nano duo charger, power cord, instructions.

Input Voltage (AC - AC) [V] 100-240
Charging Current [A] 0.1 - 15
Charging power [W] 100
Discharge current [A] 0.1 - 3
Discharge Power [W] 8
Number of channels 2
NiCd [Art. 1 - 15
NiMH [Art. 1 - 15
Li-Pol [Art. 1-6
Li-Ion [Art. 1-6
Li-Fe [Art. 1-6
Li-HV [Art. 1-6
Pb [Art. 1 - 10
Balancer Yes
Balancer Current [A] 1
Length [mm] 127
Width [mm] 115
Height [mm] 71
Weight [g] 561

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