SKY RC D200 200 + 100W charger with 60W soldering iron

Two-channel quick charger with balancers for 1-15 cells NiCd / NiMH, 1-6 cells Li-poly / Li-ion / Li-Fe / LiHV, 2-20V Pb current 0.1-20A (max 200 + 100W) and 60W soldering station. Discharging 0.1-5.0


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Two-channel charger SKY RC D200 with 200 + 100W has been designed with the aim to provide everything you need to charge two batteries simultaneously "under one roof", including an AC adapter and a simple operation. This is hidden inside 60 W soldering station with soldering pencil soldering suitable for modeling cables and connectors as well as for ordinary electronic "bastlení".

D200 allows you to charge and discharge of normal cell types (NiCd, NiMH, Li-poly, Li-ion, Li-Fe, Li-HV, Pb), plus two channels are equipped with a built-in six-balancers, providing a safe and comfortable charging lithium batteries .

Since conventional 100-200W chargers differs really intelligent software that enables functions hitherto usual with "machines" much higher price categories:

  • program for new types of "vysokovoltových" lithium batteries LiHV End-voltage charging to 4.35 V
  • setting up the terminal voltage for charging and discharging of the lithium batteries (allows gentler charging that they like flyers, or vice versa brutal overcharging, who are addicted to "autíčkáři")
  • power distribution to individual channels when powered from built-in power supply (if you want to charge a battery with a large capacity and one small, you can channel with the 'big' battery give greater share of the energy supply from the source)
  • measuring the total voltage and voltage of each cell (for lithium batteries) and outside the charging / discharging
  • measure the internal resistance of the whole kit and various articles (for lithium batteries)
  • micro USB port for PC communication and firmware update
  • micro USB port also allows Wi-Fi module that allows control of the charger remotely from your tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android)

Naturally, there socket for the temperature sensor in both channels. < / P>

  • The input supply voltage of 11-20 V dc
  • AC 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • For charging and discharging 1-15 NiCd / NiMH cells, 1-6 Li-ion / Li-poly / Li-Fe / LiHV Articles 2 or 20 V lead-acid batteries
  • Adjustable charging current (channel A: 0.1 - 20.0 A / B channel: 0.1 - 10.0 A)
  • Adjustable discharge current (0.1 A - 5.0 A)
  • Max. power to charge 200 W (with power from a DC source) for channel A and max. 100 W for channel B when power from a DC source, when power from a built-in power supply max. 200W for both channels (you can adjust the ratio of output for each channel)
  • Max. performance for discharging 2 x 10 W
  • Automatic mode for charging and discharging NiCd with adjustable current limit
  • End charging by regulators delta-peak for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • # Pb and Lithium batteries are charged using the "constant current / constant voltage"
  • Adjustable sensitivity of delta-peak detection for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Adjustable limit voltages for charging and discharging for lithium batteries
  • Repeated cycle operation of charging / discharging or discharging / charging NiCd and NiMH batteries, up to 5 cycles
  • Three charging modes for lithium batteries - fast charging, charging with an emphasis on balancing storage and charge / discharge
  • Choice of charging lithium batteries with balancer or without balancer
  • Termination charge after the set time, supplied charge or limit temperature.
  • Memory for 10 charge / discharge programs for each channel.
  • Measurement of the total pack voltage and individual cell (for lithium batteries)
  • Measurement of total internal resistance sets and individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • Socket for temperature sensor
  • Power USB 2.0 port 5 V / max. 2.1 A for powering tablets, smartphones, cameras, etc.
  • Micro USB port for communication with the PC, the firmware update to the charger and connect an external wi-fi module for remote control charger from your smartphone or tablet
  • Two-line backlit LCD display with simple and clear menu and display parameters during charging / discharging
  • The safe operation contributes a series of text messages alert - incorrect input voltage, bad wiring, inadequate or battery status, incorrect polarity on output
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit.
  • Two forced cooling fans.
  • Soldering station with a soldering iron with a tip temperature adjustable within the range of 200-450 ° C. Soldering station in operation "takes place" Channel A charger.
  • Soldering tool with interchangeable tips (pencil and flat)
  • Compact plastic housing, small dimensions
  • Built-in power supply.

The charger is in both channels fitted with a socket for the service connector JST-XH 2-6S set of adapters for the connectors of JST-XH are part of the charger.

For temperature measurement of charging / vybíjených batteries can purchase a temperature sensor.

Note .: charger for charging lead-acid batteries used end voltage of 2.40 V / cell - for this reason it is suitable for charging conventional lead-acid batteries (car batteries) and gel batteries with a reversible valve. Charging for gas-tight gel batteries, which must not be charged more than 2.30 V / cell, does not fit.

Charger kit includes: D200 charger, power cable, 2 charger / power cable 12 V 4 mm banana plugs / XT60, charging cable 2x 4 mm banana plugs / loose ends, 2x adapter for service connector lithium packs (2-6s) of JST-XH soldering iron with cable, pencil tip soldering irons, flat tip of a soldering iron, soldering iron stand for a sponge instructions. < / P>

Input voltage (car battery - DC) [V] 11-20
Input voltage (AC - AC) [In] 100-240
Charging current channel A [A] 0.1 - 20
Charging current channel B [A] 0.1 - 10
Performance when charging channel A [W] 200
Performance when charging channel B [W] 100
Discharge current [A] 0.1 - 5
Performance during discharging [W] 10
Number of channels 2
NiCd [Art.] 1-15
NiMH [Art.] 1-15
Li-Pol [Art.] 1-6
Li-Ion [Art.] 1-6
Li-Fe [Art.] 1-6
Li-HV [Art.] 1-6
Pb [Art.] 1-10
Balancer Yes
Balancer current [mA] 300
Length [mm] 197
Width [mm] 182
Height [mm] 71
Weight [g] 1260

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