MultiCharger X4 Micro 4x 1S LiPo charger"

Four-channel fast charger for 4x 1S LiPo for micromodels with 0.1-1A / 4W current. In each channel 4 Blade Micro Headsets, Quadrocopters Galaxy Visitor, etc. Power Supply 11-18 V or Network"


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More info

Intelligent four-channel charger Multicharger Hitec X4 Micro with an output of 4 x 4 W once and for all solve your problems with charging single-cell LiPo batteries for indoor helicopters, multikoptéry and miniature models of aircraft. On the right charger can charge four batteries at once 1S, each channel is equipped with output sockets for four different connector systems (Blade MX, mCPX, Micro, Micro-R), so that covers the vast majority of conventional batteries used in micromodel.

The charging current can be set for each channel independently within the range of 0.1 to 1.0 A, while charging the display appears charge current, battery voltage and the value of the busy hub. The charger will of course vigorously if the battery connect with the opposite, its voltage is too low or too high, took him to a short circuit or other problem, so the use of this charger is much safer and batteries friendlier than typical "Seth boxes ". Just comfort, as it should be!

The charger has a built-in power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz; It can also be powered from a 12V lead acid (car or traction lead-acid battery).

Basic functions

  • The input supply voltage of 11-15 V dc
  • AC 100-240 V dc
  • For charging and discharging up to 1 foursome Li-poly cells
  • Adjustable charging current 4x 0.1 A - 1.0 A
  • Max. power to charge 4 x 4 W
  • Charging using the "constant current / constant voltage"
  • LED display to display parameters during charging each channel
  • Each channel is provided with sockets for the connectors 4 different systems
  • The safe operation contributes a series of warnings - incorrect input voltage, bad wiring, inadequate or battery status, incorrect polarity on output
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit. < / Li>
  • Compact solid plastic case

Examples of models whose batteries can be recharged:

  • Connector MX: Blade MCX mCX2, MSR, MSR X-Blade Scout mikroletadla ParkZone and eFlite
  • Connector mCPX: Blade X mCP
  • Micro Connector: T2m- Spyrit
  • Micro-R: Nine Eagles Visitor Galaxy 2, solo 137 (Bo-105)

Charger kit includes: charger Multicharger X4 Micro, network cable, 12 V power cord with alligator clips, instructions.

Input voltage (car battery - DC) [V] 11-15
Input voltage (AC - AC) [In] 100-240
Charging current [A] 0.1 - 1
Number of channels 4
Li-Pol [Art.] 1
Output during charging [W] 4
Length [mm] 132
Width [mm] 100
Height [mm] 50
Weight [g] 280