Classic Kit Airplane A05135 - Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV (1:48)

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Model of an airplane to be glued. Scale: 1:48; size: 185 mm; number of pieces: 118; difficulty: 2.

Model information:
The Mk.XIV version was a continuation of the war development of the famous Supermarine Spitfire and newly combined the classic shape of the admired Mitchell fighter with the amazing power of the new Rolls Royce Griffon engine. The resulting machine was excellent and became one of the best RAF fighters in World War II. He was particularly effective against V-1 flying bomb attacks, which Germany began targeting southern Britain in the summer of 1944.
The Rolls-Royce Griffon engine added more power to the Spitfire, but it also posed a challenge for designers and pilots who switched to the new machine. The installation of a new engine in the existing Spitfire kite required the adjustment of the front and rear of the aircraft and the use of the characteristic five-bladed Rotol propeller. Pilots, accustomed to flying versions of Merlin engines, found Griffon turning the propeller in the opposite direction, so while earlier aircraft tended to turn left during takeoff, new aircraft turned right - if the pilot forgot and applied the same corrections as before. , his first flight could have been particularly short and uncomfortable.
The Spitfire was the only type of British fighter aircraft that remained in production throughout World War II, and so it was constantly developed and improved to ensure its competitiveness and performance for the best aircraft. Machines with Griffon engines were able to fly about 130 km / h faster than the first generation Spitfire. These later development versions, in which the spinning of the early Merlins was replaced by the throaty roar of powerful Griffons, represented much more capable aircraft than the classic original Spitfires, although they were essentially the same machines.
The Spitfire Mk.XIV with Griffon engines boasted higher performance than the thoroughbred Mk.IX, and therefore surpassed Luftwaffe aircraft - both the Focke Wulf Fw 190 and the most modern variant of the Messerschmitt Bf 109. The new fighter managed to participate in air operations to support the landing in Normandy and the fighting in the following months. It was widely used mainly by the 2nd Tactical Air Force, which equipped it with all 20 of its Spitfire squadrons operating from the continent in the months between Day D and the victorious May 8. These dreaded aircraft most often went on armed reconnaissance missions, in which they searched for targets behind the German lines and tried to disrupt both the retreat of German troops and their ability to send reinforcements to the front. Thanks to their speed, they were also an ideal helper against the growing threat in the form of V-1 missiles nicknamed Doodlebug, which faced the south of Britain in the months following Operation Overlord and landing in Normandy.

Required colors:
- basic: 11, 24, 30, 33, 53, 56, 62, 78, 85, 106, 165

Model details:
Scale: 1:48
Number of parts: 118
Difficulty: 2
Body Flying Hours: 2

Recommended for children from 8 years.

Warning: Danger of suffocation! The product contains small parts. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS!