MultiCharger H4 4x120W / 2x240W Charger"

Four-channel 4x120W quick charger (or 2x240W in bridged z"


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Intelligent four-channel charge and discharge with integrated balancers with high power 4 x 120 W with 12 V power supply for all types of batteries (NiMH, NiCd, Li-poly, Li-ion, Li-Fe, Pb and LiHV). Moreover, two outputs can be combined into a bridge for charging with power up to 240 W!

Hitec Multicharger H4 charger is designed for supply of lead-acid battery 12 V (car battery or traction lead-acid battery) or a suitable stabilized AC power (13.8 V / 40 A).

A two-level menu in 5 languages \u200b\u200bincluding Czech ensures easy operation - H4 has a basic simple style menu "Load and go!" with a minimum of programming and advanced menu with lots of detailed settings (eg. the terminal adjustable voltage for lithium batteries, accumulators, forming NiXX delta-peak detection, etc.) for experienced athletes. Operation further facilitates memory for loading programs - each channel has a memory for 10 programs and a further 2 x 10 memories is available if the bridge circuit channels charger.

The charger is equipped with a PC port that enables you (via USB interface HPP-22) to update the charger's firmware.

When charging a lithium set connect with service connector, you have the option to charge or discharge and monitor individual cell voltages and built balancer balances individual cells.

For temperature measurement of charging / vybíjených batteries can purchase a temperature sensor.

For monitoring the progress of charge / discharge on PC (utility prepares) and firmware update Chargers (update feature is already included in the software HPP-22), you can purchase a USB interface HPP-22 (also used for firmware upgrade transmitters, receivers, telemetry equipment and other Hitec electronic monitoring and recording of telemetry Hitec PC etc.).

Note .: charger for charging lead-acid batteries used end voltage of 2.45 V / cell - for this reason it is suitable for charging conventional lead-acid batteries (car batteries) and gel batteries with a reversible valve. Charging for gas-tight gel batteries, which must not be charged more than 2.30 V / cell, does not fit.

Charger kit includes: charger Multicharger H4, crocodile clips, adapters for service connector lithium packs (2-6s) systems JST-EH, JST-XH and ThunderPower (1 piece), rest for charger, 1 pair cables for the bridge connecting two channels and instructions.

Basic functions

  • The input supply voltage of 11-18 V dc
  • For charging and discharging to the four 1-15 NiCd / NiMH cells, 1-6 Li-ion / Li-poly / Li-Fe / LiHV Articles 2 or 24 V lead-acid batteries
  • Memory 4 x 10 charge / discharge programs for individual channels and additional 2x 10 memories for bridge circuit
  • Adjustable charging current 4x 0.1 A - 8.0 A or up to 2x 0.1 to 16.0 A in the bridge circuit
  • Adjustable discharge current 4x 0.1 A - 2.0 A
  • Max. power to charge 4 x 120 W, for the discharge or 4 x 10 W to 2 x 240 W / 2 x 20 W bridge connection
  • Charging and discharging with balancer and without balancer, storage mode charge / discharge for lithium batteries
  • End charging by regulators delta-peak for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • # Pb and Lithium batteries are charged using the "constant current / constant voltage"
  • Adjustable limit voltages for charging and discharging of lithium batteries
  • Adjustable current limit for charging phase constant voltage for lithium batteries and Pb - allows you to shorten the second stage of charging - avoid a situation where the charger in the final stage of charging for a long time charging minimal power
  • Adjustable sensitivity of delta-peak detection for NiCd and NiMH batteries; delta-peak detection can be turned off and recharged in "constant current source" - it is suitable for the formation charging of batteries or charge small currents (older) batteries with high internal resistance, for which no reliable delta-peak detection possible
  • Adjustable holding current for NiCd / NiMH batteries
  • Repeated cycle operation of charging / discharging or discharging / charging NiCd and NiMH batteries (up to 10 cycles) with adjustable delay, all values \u200b\u200bof charged and discharged ammunition stored in the memory
  • Completion of charging or discharging in excess of the set time, supplied charge or limit temperature. < / Li>
  • Tester lithium batteries for monitoring individual cell voltages without the need to start charging or discharging
  • A special "knockout" program for safe discharge before submitting for recycling the batteries which were retired
  • 4x socket for temperature sensor
  • PC port for firmware updates (via USB interface HPP-22 and PC)
  • LCD display with simple and clear menu and display parameters during charging
  • The safe operation contributes a series of text messages alert - incorrect input voltage, bad wiring, inadequate or battery status, incorrect polarity on output
  • Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit.
  • Forced cooling with two axial fans.
  • Compact solid aluminum cabinet
  • detachable armrest
Input voltage (car battery - DC) [V] 11-18
Charging current [A] 0.1 - 8
Discharge current [A] 0.1 - 2
Number of channels 4
NiCd [Art.] 1-15
NiMH [Art.] 1-15
Li-Pol [Art.] 1-6
Li-Ion [Art.] 1-6
Li-Fe [Art.] 1-6
Li-HV [Art.] 1-6
Pb [Art.] 1-12
Balancer Yes
Performance when charging (4x) [W] 120
Output at discharge (4x) [W] 10
Proud balancer (4x) [mA] 200
Charging current bridge circuit 0.1 to 16.0 A
Discharge current in the bridge circuit 0.1 to 4.0 A
Performance when charging the bridge circuit max. 2 x 240 W
Performance when discharging the bridge circuit max. 2 x 20 W
completion of charging delta-peak for NiCd and NiMH batteries
(Adjustable sensitivity 5-20mV / cell)
threshold voltage for Li-ion / Li-poly / Li-Fe (adjustable) and lead-acid batteries
cyclic operation Charging / discharging or discharging / recharging, max. 10 cycles

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