RC model fully ready to ride, just AA batteries and fuel.


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Terrible appearance and equally terrible performance! Looks bad, runs well! Easy to operate, tough to compete!


Thanks to the combination of the chassis and the internal combustion engine, which gives a great feeling of control, the concept of large off-road vehicles has been changed forever by the introduction of the Scorpion XXL VE 2WD.

This high-performance racing weapon dominates the ground and air with the ability to break through large jumps and off-road racing circuits and rough terrain.

Now the Scorpion XXL series is joined by a powerful GP that has attacked around the world thanks to its sharp control, suspension and layout of the centralized weight chassis with XXL engine mounted on the middle of the chassis and equipped with a pull starter . The unique design effectively maintains traction on the rear axle while eliminating the lack of cornering characteristic of 2WD chassis. Suspension is more flexible than the VE model. This was achieved despite the fact that a large number of parts are shared on both models.

Waterproof RC kit contains KS203 servo with metal gears and high speed. The KR200 receiver, which is powered by 4 x AA batteries, has a failsafe safety function. 2.4GHz KT201 transmitter with LCD display for accurate adjustment.

With the aforementioned XXL engine, which delivers high torque and dynamic performance on a large scale. The large 210cc fuel tank provides more than 12 minutes of travel time. The fuel filler cap is designed as an air intake, giving the model an even greater character. A simple pull-start motor can also be easily switched off with the newly developed switch. These enhancements are designed to make ownership and operation of the GP engine easier and easier than ever.

The characteristic sound of a powerful internal combustion engine and exhaust fumes creates performance expectations that can be met and overcome by this large model. Experience off-road racing like never before!


The large aerodynamically shaped tank cap serves as an air inlet for the air filter and engine cooling.


Simple cut-off system for shutting off the fuel supply to the internal combustion engine. Combined with a very simple combustion engine start, it is a great model for familiarizing with internal combustion engines.


The three-lever centrifugal clutch delivers adequate performance even under heavy loads on a large model and powerful engine.


The large slip clutch protects the gears against high impacts.

The front wheels are mounted to have a very small "scrub radius" to eliminate the slow steering feel of such large models.

Realistic rear exhaust increases power and keeps your model clean.


Length: 630 mm;

Width: 402 mm;

Height: 244 mm;

Wheelbase: 452 mm;

Clearance height: 353 / 331mm

Tire (W / H): 43/71 mm;

Ratio: 16.0: 1;

Weight: 4,000g including body

Necessary accessories for commissioning:

Offroad fuel 16% - 25% nitro

Nitro starter kit

AA x 8 alkaline batteries for transmitter / receiver

Recommended accessories

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