Traxxas X-Maxx 8S Ultimate 1:5 4WD RTR Blue

The brutally powerful and largest RC car model from Traxxas - the X-Maxx 8S in the Ultimate version - equipped with aluminum parts, a Bluetooth module (including telemetry), a more durable steering servo and improved tires.<


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The package includes a completely assembled Traxxas X-Maxx Ultimate 1:5 RC car model with installed components: Velineon 1200XL AC motor, VXL-8S AC controller, 2085X servo control, Traxxas TQi TSM RC receiver. Traxxas TQi two-channel RC transmitter with Bluetooth module. Accessories: wheel wrench, Allen keys (2.5 T, 2.5 L, 2 L), battery spacers. CZ instructions and EN, DE, FR, SP manual.



Brutally powerful and the largest RC car model from Traxxas, which combines the best. Whether you're riding on gravel, rough terrain, or tall grass, the X-Maxx 8S handles everything with ease thanks to its size and extreme power. It is assisted by top electronics and the VXL-8S drive, with which the RC model reaches a speed of up to 80 km/h.

The model in this limited Ultimate version is factory-equipped with a number of tuning parts worth more than 25,000 CZK. Don't miss the unique inflated RC model, which includes extras compared to the standard version - aluminum high-strength anodized chassis parts, TiN (titanium) coated damper pistons, more durable servo steering, improved tires and a TQi transmitter with a pre-installed Bluetooth module that allows telemetry display on your phone.

The Traxxas X-Maxx is designed for the ultimate driving experience without compromise. It has a high ground clearance, wide wheel track and top components for extreme performance. The chassis is nylon with a modular construction and integrated shock mounts, which ensures high impact resistance. The all-metal drivetrain consists of a "Cush Drive" shock absorber, front, center and rear differentials, an aluminum center shaft, steel half-axles and dual-bearing wheel hubs.


The model is powered by a VXL-8S controller and a powerful Velineon 1200XL AC motor. The Traxxas TQi programmable transmitter is factory equipped with a Bluetooth module to connect the model to a mobile phone and display telemetry data such as driving speed or engine speed.


For convenient model preparation , the body is clipless, with easy assembly and disassembly. The batteries are secured in the compartments by a partition with a latch. It is a responsive, fast and convenient battery replacement system.

News overview

Maximum durability

The X-Maxx Ultimate comes fully loaded with aluminum parts for maximum strength and durability, which are also color coordinated. Bright anodized components look as good as they perform, adding high strength for extreme riding.

Bluetooth module included

The Traxxas Link Wireless Module is standard on the X-Maxxe Ultimate. So you have speed, revolutions, engine temperature and battery voltage at your disposal, all via Bluetooth on your phone with the free Traxxas Link app.

Improved tires

X-Maxx Ultimate Sledgehammer ® tires feature a lightweight tread in the carcass that prevents bulging at high speeds for rock-solid confidence. The directional tread provides excellent traction and is quieter than typical off-road tires.

Revolutionary chassis

The chassis of the Traxxas X-Maxx RC car is made of a composite molding, which, thanks to its spatial concept, is very rigid and at the same time light. As with other Traxxas RC cars, the chassis is modular, meaning it consists of a center section, a front section, and a rear section.

Modular design

The modular design allows the entire front and back to be removed. In just a few minutes, you have full access to easy service and model settings. The modularity of the car chassis simplifies maintenance, it is easy to get to the differentials, etc. In addition, in case of very severe accidents, you do not have to change the entire chassis of the model, but only the damaged part.

GTX dampers

Massive GTX shocks are precisely designed and tuned for this big model. It consists of an aluminum, color anodized body with aluminum heads and nut, solid steel piston rods coated with titanium nitride, massive springs and precise sealing X-rings. For proper operation, shock absorbers are filled with oil of optimal viscosity.

Sharp steering

The Dual-Bellcrank steering system ensures quick and precise steering response. The cam servo saver is located in the upper part of the column and protects the steering from impacts.

Engine mount and radiator

Four bolts with a locking pin firmly hold the motor in place and define the exact gap between the teeth at a given gear ratio. The engine is equipped with a radiator with a fan to maintain the correct operating temperature even under full load.

Compartments for batteries

The Traxxas XRT 8S remote control car model includes two compartments on the sides of the chassis to accommodate two LiPol 4S batteries. The position at the bottom of the compartments keeps the center of gravity low.

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