Traxxas X-Maxx 8S 1:5 4WD RTR Green

Brutally the most powerful and largest Monster Truck model from Traxxas, it's the X-Maxx 8S ! Innovative design, length 78 cm, wheels with a diameter of 20 cm, speed up to 80 km/h, Traxxas TQi RC kit with the option of installing a Bluetooth module.


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Traxxas' most powerful and largest Monster Truck, the X-Maxx 8S ! Innovative construction, length 78 cm, wheels with diameter 20 cm, speed up to 80 km / h, RC set Traxxas TQi with possibility to install Bluetooth module.

Update for functional telemetry

An update is now available to keep you working telemetry! Without the need to install sensors, you can now measure controller temperature, battery voltage, engine speed, and model speed. For more information, see Telemetry X-Maxx 8S - Upgrade

Construction of time

The RC chassis of the Traxxas X-Maxx consists of a spatial composite molding, which is very rigid and at the same time light due to its spatial concept. As with other Traxxas RC cars, the chassis is modular, meaning it consists of a central part, front and rear. The modularity of the car chassis simplifies maintenance, it is easy to access the differentials and so on. In addition, in very severe accidents, you do not need to replace the entire chassis of the model, but only the damaged part.

Engine assembly

All the drive parts are under the covers, a novelty is the engine mounting system. The engine has such a high torque that it is bolted to the chassis with 4 screws. In order to change the transmission ratio, there are a number of holes in the chassis, so the motor can be screwed into the correct holes. For quiet and smooth running, a 20 ° helical gearing was chosen, which is very unusual in RC car models. < / p>


A revolutionary novelty is the new X-Maxx body mounting system. The body is not fastened with staples but with a special clip. This eliminates unsightly bodywork brackets, removing the bodywork in a matter of seconds.

Shock absorbers

The massive X-Maxx GTX shock absorbers have 5.2 mm piston rods made of high-strength steel. Dampers attach the shock absorbers to the shoulders and the tower. All pins are made of 4 mm steel! Wheels with a diameter of over 20 cm are on a massive aluminum shaft. The well-dimensioned shock absorber tower allows driving even in very difficult terrain.

Power train RC car Traxxas X-Maxx

Of course, the X-Maxx is equipped with parallel (CV) axles, which are made of hardened steel. The wheel carriers are 24 mm hexagonal, many wheels are secured against loosening by a clip. The differentials have four planetary gears, are sealed and filled with silicone oil. By changing the viscosity of the oil in the differentials, it is possible to change their grip and thus the driving characteristics of the X-Maxx in the terrain. Basically, the differential is filled with 60000 cPs oil. The wheel shafts are made of aluminum. The X-Maxx 8S is equipped with a central differential and a resilient shock limiting member.

Velineon 1600XL motor and VXL-6S controller

The RC model of the Traxxas X-Maxx is powered by the giant brushless Velineon 1600XL motor and the VXL-6S brushless motor. The controller is equipped with an integrated fan, the motor is fitted with a giant passive cooler with a removable fan, which effectively cools it. / p>

Controller programming

The controller is programmed in the same way as other Traxxas controllers. The controller status indication is a two-color LED. The controller also supports the use of NiMH batteries, but due to the model's performance we recommend using only LiPo batteries that are able to provide enough power.

  • Sport - features ulcer, brake and reverse. The controller provides full forward and reverse power, this mode is the default.
  • Race - forward and brake function (ie not reverse). This mode is aqueous for races where you do not need reverse gear.
  • Trainer - controller has reduced power to 30%. If you do not have enough experience in managing such large models, you can use it. This mode is also suitable for children.
Power accumulators

Due to the model's performance, the car can only be operated on LiPol batteries. The RC model of the X-Maxx is designed to use a pair of 3-cell batteries connected in series with a capacity of 5000 mAh or higher. The battery compartments are large enough to accommodate larger batteries. The batteries are fixed using a special system that ensures easy replacement. It is advisable to use sufficiently hard LiPol batteries 30C;

Traxxas Stability Management

Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) allows you to experience not only performance, speed, acceleration and cornering at extreme speeds, but also makes driving and controlling on slippery surfaces such as dust, smooth concrete or even ice and snow much easier.

Differences between X-Maxxes 6S and 8S
  • X-Maxx 8S is fitted with a VXL-8S controller, the motor is cooled by a fan
  • The X-Maxx 8S is equipped with a central differential and a damping element / li>
  • The X-Maxx 8S has more robust axles, wheel shafts and differential drives
Features of RC model car Traxxas X-Maxx
  • The X-Maxx-8S is the largest and most powerful Monster Truck from Traxxas
  • X-Maxx-8S achieves speeds of up to 80 km / h (when powered by 2 x 4 LiPo cells)
  • Lots of innovative model features such as revolutionary car body mount, engine mount, massive aluminum wheel axles, lightweight yet solid spatial composite parts
  • The powerful propulsion system of the car consists of a Velineon 1600XL engine and a VXL-6S, driving at speeds of up to 55 km / h!
  • Giant tires with a diameter of 20 cm
  • Steel CVD drive axle model
  • New Traxxas GTX Adjustable Oil Dampers with 5.2 mm Rods for Precise Off-Road Driving
  • The latest RC set Traxxas TQi
  • RC receiver with Traxxas TSM stabilization
  • Waterproof * Servo Control has a torque of 26 kg / cm, a speed of 0.16 s / 60 ° and is equipped with a heat sink that effectively dissipates heat from the electronics

* Refer to the instruction manual for water resistance specification. Tips and tricks for wet operation can be found in the blog.


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