Traxxas TRX-4M Chevrolet K10 1979 1:18 RTR Red

Traxxas TRX-4M Chevrolet K10 1979 High Trail Edition RC model car with higher ground clearance, bigger wheels , amazing versatility and capabilities. Metal chassis, 4-point suspension, oil shock absorbers, 45° turning angle, clipless body, front LED lig


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Package contents

The package contains the Traxxas TRX-4M Chevrolet K10 1979 High Trail Edition RC car model with installed components: Titan 180 87T DC motor, ECM-2.5 control unit, 2065T power steering. Traxxas TQ transmitter, LiPo 7.4V 750 mAh battery, USB charger. Accessories: Allen keys (1.5, 2 mm), Phillips key, washers for springs, extended holder for towing device. CZ instructions and EN, DE, FR, SP manual.


Have a lot of fun with the smaller Traxxas TRX-4M Chevrolet K10 1979 RC car model that fits comfortably in a backpack and will have a lot of fun with it, whether at home, in the backyard or in the field. The model is in the High Trail Edition version and has a factory-installed ride height kit, complemented by larger tires, for even better off-road capabilities. The top-equipped model in a compact 1:18 scale retains the excellent driving characteristics of the larger 1:10 models. With 4x4 drive and detailed licensed bodywork, you'll overcome all obstacles playfully and stylishly. Everything you need is included in the package, including a USB charger and a LiPo 7.4 V 750 mAh battery with a driving time of up to 60 minutes.


The TRX-4M extended chassis eliminates all the shortcomings of small models and hits the track fully equipped with a metal chassis frame, 4-point suspension, oil shock absorbers, 45° turning angle, even higher ground clearance, Traxxas performance and durability. As with other models, a wide range of accessories, tuning parts and complete spare parts are available.

The licensed bodywork is processed down to the smallest detail with mock-up accuracy, including chrome elements and a protective body frame. Whether on the track or displayed on a shelf, the model will always look amazing. The latest innovation in the form of a clipless body is also included here, and disassembling the body using the hidden beak is a matter of seconds. For evening rides, impressive LED lighting is installed in the front headlights.


A new ECM-2.5 control unit and a powerful 180 87T DC motor were developed for the model. All the advantages of the TRX models are integrated into the unit, such as a waterproof design, a choice of 3 driving modes and the possibility of installing ProScale lighting (sold separately) with realistic light functions like on a real car.

News overview

Higher ground clearance

The factory-installed TRX-4M Long Arm Lift kit increases ground clearance by 35% for better cross-country ability. An 18 mm longer chassis is installed with a wheelbase extended to 162 mm, which ensures authentic proportions and greater stability.
Bigger tires

The 2.4" diameter Mickey Thompson® Baja Pro™ XS tires are 4.9mm larger than the standard tires on the TRX-4M. Together with the eight-hole chrome wheels, they create an aggressive look with a high stance.

Bodywork with LED headlights

The detailed bodywork with clear windows, chrome elements and protective body frame is equipped with LED lighting for the front headlights. The model is also prepared for the installation of Pro Scale lighting (sold separately). The stapleless attachment system is retained.


Extended metal chassis frame

The extended chassis with a longer wheelbase consists of two C-shaped steel profiles connected by plastic crossbars, thus ensuring a rigid structure that minimizes twisting. Heavier components such as the battery and motor are stored on the bottom of the chassis to maintain a low center of gravity. Lower shock absorber towers and control unit beds are used for pick-up body installation.

Lower shock towers

The model with the Long arm Lift Kit installed includes lower shock absorber towers, which increases the ground clearance of the chassis. The bed of the control unit is lowered so that a pick-up type body can be used.

Suspension for Trial

The TRX-4M uses a sophisticated 4-point solid axle suspension with heavy-duty tie rods and ball-joint ends.

4x4 drive

The 4x4 drive is realized through fixed differentials. For extremely smooth running, there are parallel CV joints on the front axle.

Telescopic shafts

Telescopic central drive shafts allow for full suspension travel and are also equipped with parallel CV joints.

Turning angle 45°

The 45° turning angle of the front wheels gives the model an exceptionally small turning radius and high maneuverability of the model, suitable for driving indoors or during trial rides over obstacles. Compared to other models of this size, the TRX-4M has a turning radius up to 50% smaller.

GTM oil shock absorbers

The TRX-4M is equipped with oil-filled GTM shock absorbers for a smooth ride and realistic ride characteristics without. The shock absorbers absorb the shocks and the ride is beautifully smooth without bouncy.

  • Easy spring preload adjustment with washers
  • Long run of shock absorbers with oil filling
  • Double O-rings for sealing

Easy removal of the battery

The well-thought-out system of securing the battery in the bulkhead using a rubber band is a small thing, but it greatly simplifies and speeds up the replacement of the battery. In addition, the rubber band firmly fixes the battery.

Terrain wheels and tires

On chrome 1" eight-hole rims, larger 2.4" Mickey Thompson® Baja Pro™ XS tires with an aggressive tread pattern are stuck for great looks and better traction. The driver is a 7 mm hexagon.

Towbar holder

The package includes an extended bracket on which a towing device for a trailer can be installed. The trailer, including the towing device, is available as a tuning part (sold separately).


Licensed bodywork

The body is made of ABS plastic, which is durable and allows for a high level of detail. Chrome elements such as the front radiator grille, front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, door handles and protective body frame are included. Effective LED lighting is installed in the front headlights, which can optionally (not included in the package) be extended by lighting the body's protective frame and ProScale multifunctional lighting. Assembly and disassembly of the body is easy thanks to the latch system.

Servo steering

Traxxas servo 2065T digital nano servo with DC motor. The servo has a torque of 2.5 and a speed of 0.20 s/60°@ 6.0 V. For water resistance*, the servo box is fitted with a seal. The gears are nylon and the main gear wheel is metal for high durability.

Powerful engine

The Titan 180 87T DC motor provides a wide range from low rpm for technical riding to higher speed for crossings. The fixed gap between the teeth is precisely defined and does not need adjustment.

Control unit

The new ECM-2.5 control unit integrates the controller and receiver. The electronics are protected in a waterproof* box. Features include: LVD - LiPo battery under-discharge protection, easy one-button EZ-Set adjustment and 3 special driving modes.

Power supply max. 2S LiPo. Powerful 6V BEC for servo. Accurate and reliable control at 2.4 GHz frequency. The unit is ready to connect ProScale lighting. Can be paired with TQi transmitters - just basic setup.

Driving modes:

  • Sport Mode – gas, reverse and brake (no automatic brake in neutral)
  • Trail Mode - gas, reverse and brake (soft brake in neutral), suitable for downhills
  • Crawler Mode - throttle, instant brake in neutral, allows transition into reverse without double pressing. Suitable for technical riding

Traxxas TQ RC Kit

The model is controlled by a two-channel proportional steering wheel RC radio Traxxas TQ, working in the 2.4 GHz band - operation without interference. The transmitter is powered by only 4 AA cells.

There is a rotary knob on the transmitter that trims the wheel steering (to make the model go straight if the steering wheel is in the center position). The status of the batteries in the transmitter is indicated by an LED. Reverse can be set on the transmitter on the throttle and steering channels.


The included 2S LiPo 750 mAh battery provides powerful power for up to 1 hour of operation. The specially designed connector plugs directly into the control unit.

USB charger

The package includes a USB charger for convenient charging. The specially designed ID connector is safe and prevents incorrect connection. The charging status is displayed by the LED on the charger.
Although the charger can be powered from any USB-A output, for fast charging with a current of up to 2A, it is necessary to have a sufficiently powerful USB source, such as a Network Universal USB Adapter (source).

Traxxas TRX-4M Chevrolet K10 1979 1:18 RC Model Car Features

  • Installed Long Arm Ligt Kit for 35% higher ground clearance
  • Bigger 2.4" Mickey Thompson® Baja Pro™ XS tires
  • Extended chassis and wheelbase
  • The model is completely assembled and ready to drive
  • Licensed detailed 1979 Chevrolet K10 ABS body
  • Chrome-plated body components, including the protective body frame
  • Clip-less body fastening
  • Front headlights with LED
  • Metal chassis profiles
  • 4-point axle suspension
  • 4x4 drive, fixed differential, parallel CV joints
  • Turning the front wheels 45° to both sides
  • GTM oil shock absorbers
  • 1" chrome rims with off-road tires, 7mm hex
  • Powerful DC motor 180 87T
  • Control unit with three driving modes, precision TQ transmitter
  • Powerful servo steering with metal main wheel
  • Battery and USB charger
  • Waterproof* electronics
  • Driving time up to 60 min

* Refer to the user manual for information on the water resistance specification. You can find tips and tricks for wet driving in the blog.


We recommend to buy

Everything for operation is included in the package, just add 4x AA batteries for the transmitter. We recommend charging the USB charger with a powerful USB source.

Recommended spare batteries

To extend the driving time, we recommend purchasing another identical battery, which is included in the package.

  • Traxxas 2S LiPo 750 mAh battery

For charging at full power, we recommend powering the USB charger with a powerful Network universal USB adapter (source).


For a breathtaking look and new features, install the Pro Scale lighting, which gives you realistic features like a real car (headlights, tail lights, functional brake and reverse lights, hazard lights).

Factory lighting and Pro Scale lighting can also be supplemented with body lighting. (A connection cable must also be purchased for installation.)

Towing device with trolley

Transport cargo in style with a genuine Traxxas towbar and truck. It is now also possible to install Pro Scale truck lighting.

Tuning accessories

Enhance the Traxxas TRX-4M RC model car with a wide variety of tuning parts and accessories, thanks to which you can get new functions, modify the handling characteristics, increase the durability and change the appearance exactly to your liking. For inspiration, visit our blog: TRX-4M or TRX-4M Bronco Tuning Accessories - Tuning Upgrades.

Accessories for normal operation

For normal operation of the Traxxas RC car, you need bolt glue, good quality tire glue, silicone shock oil and a set of screwdrivers. We recommend an affordable set of tools for cars from our range.

The thread or head of the screw is dripped with screw glue, which fixes it and the vibrations caused by driving prevent the screw joint from loosening. The screw adhesive has a special composition that allows the screw connection to be easily loosened with an adequate torque without damaging the screw head. Never use ordinary instant glue, it might be impossible to loosen a screw stuck like this!

Tire glue is used to glue the tires to the disc rim. It is always necessary that the tire is firmly stuck to the wheel rim all the way around! If the tire is not glued all the way around, it may tear. Tire glue has a special composition that is able to glue materials such as rubber or nylon, and at the same time, after hardening, the glue is flexible. Never use ordinary instant glue - it is not flexible after hardening and cracks would gradually form in the tire around the rims!

Sometimes it is necessary to add silicone oil to the dampers of the model. During normal operation, there are only slight leaks of silicone oil on the piston rods of the shock absorber. In the event that the surface of the damper pistons or the condition of the seals is in poor condition, the oil leakage may be large. For these cases, so-called repair kits are supplied. In the range of tuning parts, piston rods with an extremely hard TiN (titanium nitride) coating are delivered to all shock absorbers. Piston rods with a TiN surface are easily recognized by their golden-green color.

Recommended accessories

Tuning parts

Spare parts